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practicum. Practicums are multi-beneficial in providing you with relevant work experience, an opportunity to give a specific job a test run, and you receive three hours of academic credit upon completion. You’ll get first-hand direction from shadowing professionals, and it will expand your professional network.

We know many of our students are Distance Education, but you can do a practicum no matter where you live! We will work with you to find a suitable location in your … Read more “SIS Alum Shares on the Value of a Practicum” The site is now a learning center, gallery and museum.  Professor and Director Ed Cortez recently established the location as a future practicum site for SIS students to learn hands-on while working with the cultural and historical materials of the indigenous people of the island.

Bob Rabin, curator and museum director and Dr. Cortez worked through the details to establish this unique and picturesque site as a place for SIS students to learn relevant skills and techniques they can apply to their … Read more “Cortez Sets New Practicum Site in Vieques Puerto Rico”