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SIS Community Participates, Co-Hosts 2019 ALISE Conference in Knoxville

The 2019 ALISE Conference was in Knoxville the last week of September, and faculty, students and alumni made a strong showing in both participation and winning awards at the conference, which was co-chaired by SIS Director and Professor Diane Kelly and co-hosted by SIS.

Our award winners were:

  • SIS Assistant Professor Brian Dobreski, who tied for third place in the

    Left, Assistant Professor Brian Dobreski speaks with onlookers at the poster reception.

    Doctoral Student Poster competition for “Values in Knowledge Organization Standards: A Value Analysis of Resource Description and Access (RDA)”

  • Alum LaVerne Gray (’19), who received second place for “In a Collective Voice: Uncovering the Black Feminist Information Community of Activist-Mothers in Chicago Public Housing, 1955- 1970”
  • CCI PhD student Joseph Winberry, who received an ALISE conn@CT Mini-Grant.

Others who participated were:

  • Chancellor’s and SIS Professor Suzie Allard and SIS Associate Professor Wade Bishop participated in a juried panel: “Curricula Models and Resources Along the Data Continuum: Lessons Learned in the Development and Delivery of Research Data Management and Data Science Education”
  • SIS Professor Dania Bilal participated on a special program panel: “New

    PhD student Kevin Mallary

    Educator Career Development”

  • MSIS student Lisa Curtin presented a co-authored juried paper: “How International Are We? Mapping of “Global” Intersections in the LIS Curriculum”
  • PhD student Kevin Mallary co-organized the ALISE Academy panel, and presented at it: “Including Disability in LIS Education and Workplaces: From Local Concerns to Global Vision”
  • PhD student Scott Sikes presented a co-authored juried paper: “Cross-Campus Collaboration in the Digital Humanities: A Pedagogical Perspective”
  • SIS Associate Professor Vandana Singh presented as part of the Innovative Pedagogies SIG: “Exploring Innovative Pedagogies in a Global Information Context”
  • SIS Clinical Associate Professor Cindy Welch was the ALISE Excellence in Teaching Award Chair
  • Associate Professor Xiaohua “Awa” Zhu, MSIS student Ellen Cowell, MSIS

    Associate Professor Awa Zhu

    student Kristen McBee, MSIS student Jonathan Stewart Headrick, and alum/current PhD student Joseph Winberry (’19) presented a juried paper: “Serving the Community with Trustworthy Government Information and Data: What Can We Learn from the Public Librarians?”

Those who participated in the “Works in Progress Poster Session” were:

  • PhD student Michelle Parker and CCI doctoral alum Danielle Pollock: “First Gen, PhD: Understanding the Information Horizons of First- Generation Graduate Students Pursuing Research-Intensive Careers”
  • SIS Associate Professor Vandana Singh: “What do Global Researchers Mean When They Say ‘Online Learning?’”
  • PhD student Iman Tahamtan: “#Metoo: People’s Concerns, Emotions, and Information Sharing Behavior on Twitter”