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Diversity & Inclusion: Watch Jessa Lingel’s Presentations on Video

Diversity & InclusionDid you ever wonder how extreme body modification enthusiasts were able to find others in their niche community, and how that played out with the advent of the internet? Jessa Lingel, assistant professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and is core faculty in the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania, spoke on this topic at the kick-off presentation of the College of Communication and Information’s Diversity & Inclusion Week.

But don’t worry – you didn’t miss it! You can catch up by watching a Facebook Live video of Lingel’s presentation on a unique topic as it relates to niche communities and how they use social media to connect; she also touches on “gentrification of the internet” and how that affects smaller online communities, and that sometimes barrier to access can actually enhance the authenticity of an online community.

We’ve also posted another Facebook Live video of Lingel’s second presentation on her work volunteering in a jail library. Would you like to know which book was a hands-down favorite of those who visited the jail library? You’ll have to tune in to find out! She discussed what she learned from the experience, how she ran the program, and what kind of challenges and opportunities arose throughout the process.

Lingel said that speaking at CCI Diversity & Inclusion Week was a great opportunity for her, and she wants to help bring something similar to her own campus. She was able to talk to several School of Information Sciences students, and said that was an amazing experience.

Diversity & Inclusion Week isn’t over yet, so make sure to attend some of the upcoming events, including a keynote panel tonight, and the finale Diversity Festival Thursday.