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Research w/ MSIS Students

Graduate Research Participation/Independent Studies
“Digital Literacy and Good Governance” Diplomacy Lab Project, by Hilary Jasmin and Lindsey McLennan, Spring 2018

“Linked Open Data and Data Visualization,” by Bonnie Finn, Spring 2017

“Leveraging the Use of WhatsApp to Spread the US Message: Diplomacy Lab Project with the US Department of State,” by Jaime Cleek and Jeni Trimmer, Spring 2017

“Factors Affecting Deployment of Cloud Services by Libraries,” by Dwight Hunter, Fall

“Educating LIS Students to Serve as Mobile Technology Consultants,” by Andy Tate,
Summer 2015

“Information Forwarding Behavior of Student Mobile Phone Users,” by Jeanie Smith, Fall 2016

“Studying Adoption of e-Books by Academic Libraries: A Diffusion of Innovation
Approach,” by Sarah Fesmire, Fall 2014

“e-Textbooks for Students: A Qualitative Study,” by Janine Pino, Summer 2014

“Factors Influencing Adoption of e-Books by Students,” by David Elliott, Summer 2014

“Handheld Computing Initiative: Exploring iPads as Clinical Decision Support Tools in a Residency Program,” by Fatima MnCube-Barnes, Fall 2011

“Programming for Information Professionals,” by Andria Lauria, Spring 2011