May 2021

Very pleased to receive the College of Communication Faculty Research Award for 2021! Please read the details here:

April 2021

I got to do a really fun and interactive webinar in the mentorship series of The Linux Foundation; i discussed my research and Diversity in Open Source Software. The webinar was very well attended by an engaged audience, here is the recording of the webinar.

March 2021

My article discussing the Codes of Conduct in Open Source Software communities and their role in supporting women was just published in Software Quality Journal’s special issue on Open Source Software

Singh, V., Bongiovanni, B. & Brandon, W. Codes of conduct in Open Source Software—for warm and fuzzy feelings or equality in community?. Software Quality Journal (2021).

July/August 2020

My article about integrating professional librarians in OSS communities is selected as a feature article by Informed Librarian Online  for July/August 2020.

Singh, V. (2019). Applying Participatory Action Approach to Integrating Professional Librarians into Open Source Software Communities. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. (PDF) 

March 2020

Just received my participation appreciation certificate from GHC – 19. I love participating in this conference, this is my third year as a reviewer for GHC. Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend it yet, fingers crossed for next year!


September 2019

I am excited to present my research on Women of Open Source Software at the European Conference of Software Architecture.I will also be participating in a panel discussion at ALISE 2019  regarding integration of Professional Librarians in Open Source Software and presenting a poster about defining Online Learning.

August 2019

In teaching, I am really looking forward to teaching two new courses in Fall 2019:

1- INSC 586 on Usability Testing and Methods. This course was taught as INSC 590 in Fall 2018.

2 – INSC 514 – Foundations of Information Technology for Information Sciences – this is a new required course for the graduate students in the SIS Masters program.

And, I will be receiving the College of Communication and Information Outreach and Service Award for 2019 at a gala on October 11th, 2019.


August 2019

Some exciting results from my research publications. It is always so wonderful to see the impact of one’s research and in last month i have received two such mentions that i am very pleased about.

First is that my article published at the Gender Equality Workshop at the International Conference for Software Engineering in 2019 is being highlighted by IEEE Software as research that is useful to industry practitioners. (Singh, V. (2019). Women Only Spaces in Open Source Software”. ACM/IEEE 2ND International Workshop on Gender Equality in Software Engineering, May 25th, 2019 Vancouver, Canada.)

IEEE Software Magazine’s blog highlighted a few recent research papers about Gender Equality in Software Engineering and they selected my article from GE@ICSE from May, 2019. It is very rewarding to see that this is important research and is being viewed as work that impacts the industry. Slow, consistent strides and manifesting change!

The article is available at

July/August 2019

And the second is about an article published in 2017 was selected to be a Featured Article in the Informed Librarian for July/August 2019 as it was deemed useful for library professionals. (Singh, V. (2017). Open source integrated library systems migration: Librarians share the lessons learnt. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. Featured Article in July/August, 2019 Issue of Informed Librarian Online.)