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Huguenot Society of South Carolina

Location Description

Private genealogical collection maintained by historical society membership, located in scenic/historic downtown Charleston SC.

Practicum Work Mode

On site

Semesters or Time Period Available

Available for multiple semesters for a single student (Fall 2021 or Spring 2022)


138 Logan St.
Charleston, SC 29401


Chris Barett
Executive Director

Student Tasks

Cataloging new acquisitions, assessing dupes and dated items for deaccession, develop plan to convert current non-standard cataloging system to LOC. (See

Type of Mentoring Provided to the Student

The Huguenot Society was founded in 1885 with a mandate “To discover, collect, and preserve all existing documents, monuments, etc., relating to the genealogy or history of the Huguenots of America in general, and of those of South Carolina in particular.
… To garner by degrees a library for the use of the Society, composed of all obtainable books, monographs, pamphlets, manuscripts, etc., relating to the Huguenots.”

Curiously, Society staff has accomplished that goal without ever having a librarian in house. We would look to this graduate student to help us standardize our cataloging system, metadata generation, and help us make our catalog friendly to Worldcat and remote scholarship.

Student Interaction With Others at the Location

The graduate student will work closely with the Society’s Director, a research staff of three, and interns currently engaged in a large-scale digitization project in concert with College of Charleston.