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University of Tennessee Hodges Library Public Services

Hodges Library
Type of practicum : 

In Person

Description of Practicum Site: 

   The UT Libraries serves the flagship campus of the state university system. The Libraries support the teaching, research, and service mission of the university and enhances the academic experience of each student at the Knoxville campus — through outstanding print and electronic collections, reference and instructional services, and top-notch facilities and technological resources.

Description of Practicum Duties: 

Available in Fall semester.

This practicum gives hands-on experience to SIS students interested in academic libraries, public services, user services, and instruction. A portion of the time will be staffing the research assistance desk and gaining experience in reference for students, staff, and faculty in-person, by phone, and chat. Portions of the practicum time will also include one-shot instruction shadowing and team teaching for composition courses. Other tasks will include assisting in program planning of library events and research consultations as assigned. Practicum student interest can be taken into account on assigned tasks and experiences.

Please describe the type of mentoring provided to the student. 
This practicum will involve a high level of mentoring. It is designed to give a real-world experience of an entry-level academic library position through shadowing and mentorship of those currently holding the positions. Mentorship will continue after the practicum if the student wishes.

Please describe the level of interaction the student will have with others in the organization. 
Public Services deals directly with nearly every other department of the library. This practicum will have the opportunity to interact with several members of the Public Services department as well as those who are in other departments around the library.