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Transfer and Substitution of Credits

Policy/Procedure for Requesting Transfer of Graduate Credit:

Students who have completed graduate credits prior to enrolling in the MSIS program can request that up to 6 hours be applied to the 36 credit hours required for the MSIS.

To be applied toward credit requirements for the MSIS degree program at the University of Tennessee, a course must:

  • Have been taken for graduate credit.
  • Carry a grade of B or better.
  • Have been a part of a graduate program in which the student had a B average or better
  • Not have been used in satisfaction of another degree
  • Have been taken within six calendar years of graduation from the SIS Master’s degree program.
  • Be specifically related to the student’s career objectives.

Please note: transferred credits are not factored into the MSIS Grade Point Average.

The procedure for submitting a request for transfer of credits is as follows:

  1. The student initiates the transfer request with their academic advisor.
  2. If the advisor agrees that the course(s) is/are a likely candidate for transfer, the student submits the following to the academic advisor for review:
  1. Advisors consult with an appropriate faculty member or the director to determine if the course qualifies for transfer.
  2. The Request for Transfer or Substitution of Credits form must be signed by the student’s advisor, the consulting faculty member, and the director. This form goes into the student’s file.
  3. When approved, students include the transfer courses on their Admission to Candidacy Form.

Policy/Procedure for Requesting Course Substitution (and Transfer of Graduate Credit):

Substituting credits from another LIS program

Students who have completed coursework in another American Library Association (ALA)-Accredited master’s program may request that those courses be accepted as substitutions for specific courses required for the MSIS or other SIS program.

In addition to following the steps described in the Policy/Procedure for Transfer of Graduate Credit, the student must provide the following documentation:

  1. A written explanation of how the outcomes or objectives of the previously completed course align with the outcomes of the SIS course for which substitution is requested.
  2. The grade assigned for the class
  3. Other evidence of having achieved the course outcomes, e.g.,
  • Written work submitted for the previously completed course
  • A statement from instructor of the previously completed course describing the student’s achievement of the course outcomes.

As with graduate credit transfer, the academic advisor will consult with appropriate SIS faculty and/or administrators to determine if the substitution is appropriate.

Upon approval, the academic advisor and/or Director of Graduate Studies will inform the student of the School’s decision.