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Transfer and Substitution of Credits

A Maximum 6 hours may be taken from another university. Graduate hours in library and information science from programs not accredited by the American Library Association are not accepted for transfer credit. Courses taken at another academic institution must be approved by the advisor and demonstrate strong linkage to an information science career.

To be transferred into a master’s program at the University of Tennessee, a course must:

  1. Be taken for graduate credit.
  2. Carry a grade of B or better.
  3. Be a part of a graduate program in which the student had a B average.
  4. Not have been used for a previous degree.
  5. Be specifically related to the student’s career objectives.
  6. Be approved by the student’s graduate committee and the director of the School on the Admission to Candidacy form.
  7. Must be taken within six calendar years of graduation.

Credits transferred will not be counted in the student’s UT grade point average. Procedures are below:

  1. The student submits a Request to Transfer or Substitution of Credits form (see Forms) to their advisor. The request must include a written rationale for the transfer and a course syllabus that clearly indicates topics covered, assigned readings, and course assignments. Students who request substitution for a required course must also specify the SIS course for which the substitution will apply. Students must submit a separate form for each course they desire to transfer or substitute.
  2. Advisors consult with an appropriate faculty member or the director to determine if the course qualifies for transfer.
  3. The Request for Transfer or Substitution of Credits form must be signed by the student’s advisor, the consulting faculty member, and the director. This form goes into the student’s file.
  4. When approved, students include the transfer courses on their Admission to Candidacy Form.