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SIS Student Summer Research Award

The purpose of the SIS Student Summer Research Award is to provide support to one graduate student to conduct research, under the supervision of an SIS faculty member, during the summer months (May, June and July). This award is primarily centered around the intellectual development and advancement of the student. The project can be related to the student’s dissertation or thesis research, acting as a type of pre-study, as long as it is a significant project and not simply a pilot. The project can alsobe part of the student’s actual dissertation or thesis, but the scope for the summer work should be clearly defined. The project could also be a collaborative venture with the faculty member, with the student serving as principal investigator. There is an expectation that the research will led to publication with the student acting as first (or only) author.


Students can be at any level of study and should be seeking a degree in the information sciences. PhD students should have at least two semesters remaining in the program after the summer in which the award is made. MSIS students should have at least one semester remaining in the program after the summer in which the award is made. Only tenure-track faculty can supervise the research. Research that is already being supported by a grant, or other form of external or internal funding, is not eligible.

Award Terms

The award stipend for the student is set at $3,600 for a 3-month period (May, June, & July) of research activity in the summer term.

  • Award stipends are to support the student at 50% level of effort during the summer to conduct the research identified in the proposal.
  • Students are ineligible for this funding if during the summer they have any combination of another appointment, other additional pay, or enrollment in classes that would equate to more than 50% level of effort.

Application Guidelines

The application should consist of the following items:

  1. Proposal (Two-page maximum, no fixed format, see requirements below)
  2. Resume or CV of graduate student (two-page maximum each, include previous, current, and pending funding)
  3. Support letter from faculty advisor.

The project proposal should be primarily prepared by the student. It should consist of a two-page maximum, single-spaced (minimum 12 pt. type with one inch margins) narrative description of the project that details:

  • Project title.
  • Background/rationale for the proposed work, including how the project will advance the student’s progression as a scholar.
  • One or more research questions, or specific hypotheses that will be tested (if applicable).
  • A clear description of the research plan and proposed methodology.
  • An assessment of the projected outcomes if the research is conducted as described (i.e., what will it all mean?).
  • A timeline for completing the work.
  • Plans for disseminating the results of the research.

Submission and Due Date

Proposals should be emailed to the SIS Director and are due at the end of the business day (5pm) on March 8th.

Follow-up Report

The recipient is required to submit a two page report to the SIS Director by the end of the fall semester following the award describing what was accomplished.  The recipient is also expected to communicate to the SIS Director publications resulting from the award.