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Practicum: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) , University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture

Practicum Type

In Person

Semester, Number of Students

Ongoing, single student


Knoxville, TN

Work Site

This is an office on the UTIA Campus with oversight of all animal care and use activities at UTK, UTIA and all associated Research and Education Centers (RECs) in East and Middle Tennessee. The primary function of the office is to review animal use protocols for teaching and research to insure compliance with federal guidelines.

Student Tasks

We are looking for a person to build a website for our program. We need a website which would allow access by the general public to specific types of information. However, we also need parts of the website to have access restricted (via netid) to UT community and/or IACUC members. We would like to have interactive forms on the site and a library of standard operating procedures that are available on demand, as well as links to sites important to our IACUC function.

Type of mentoring provided to student

Director of IACUC would have an initial meeting with the student to describe the project, discuss our needs, and work with them to establish goals towards meeting those needs which we would document as learning objectives. We would meet formally on a routine basis (weekly) to evaluate progress and adjust goals and expectations as needed. Anticipate daily interaction with the student and always have an open door for questions, comments or concerns. Upon completion of the practicum director of IACUC would complete a Supervisors Evaluation of the Student Practicum.

Level of interaction the student will have with others in the organization

We are a small, collaborative group of 4 full-time staff. Everyone in the office will have the opportunity to offer support and ideas as the project grows. The student will also participate in staff meetings, when schedules allow. One member of our office will receive her Master’s degree in SIS this semester and will be very involved in the development and direction of this project.

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