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Diversity & Inclusion Badge

The Diversity & Inclusion Badge recognizes the student’s commitment to diversity and inclusion as exemplified by their scholarship, professional service, and reflective participation while enrolled in the MSIS degree program at the School of Information Sciences. Begun in fall 2018, it is awarded annually to graduating master’s students during the spring hooding ceremony.


  • Leah Cannon
  • Lisa Curtin
  • Sarah Gonzalez
  • Lucy Carr Jones
  • Kristen McBee


  • Kelsey Collins
  • Elaine M. Posanka
  • Joseph Winberry

Application Process 

Students who wish to be considered for the Diversity & Inclusion Badge should submit an online application that demonstrates their commitment to diversity and inclusion. This application consists of three parts:

  1. Integrative Essay
    The student should prepare a 500-word essay that describes, integrates and discusses their activities and accomplishments in the area of diversity and inclusion. The essay should also highlight how these activities and accomplishments have shaped their career growth, work practice, and/or experience in a job setting.
  2. Evidence (Scholarship and Professional Service)
    The student should provide evidence of implementing diversity and inclusion in their scholarship and professional service. The application must include at least one of the following:

    • Tangible scholarly product (e.g., assignments, papers, websites, etc.) completed in courses as part of the MSIS degree (core and elective courses, practicum, independent study, etc.).
    • Diversity and inclusion research represented in a professional forum such as peer-reviewed presentation and/or publication, invited lecture at an information agency, etc. Please attach the research evidence (e.g., presentation and listing in the conference program, email invite, etc.).
    • Professional contribution related to diversity and inclusion that represents the student’s efforts in providing service in a particular community/agency setting. The students should make clear their specific role and leadership in collaborative professional contributions.
  3. Evidence (Reflective Participation and Engagement)
    The student should provide a brief summary of their participation and engagement in at least two of the following activities that are focused on diversity and inclusion. Students are not required to complete each item below, but rather could attend two different lectures, or volunteer at two different agencies:

    • Attending a lecture or event about diversity and inclusion.
    • Volunteering at a program implemented in a community agency whose mission is related to diversity and inclusion concerns.

The student will need to describe these activities, including (1) date, time, and location; (2) how they relate to diversity and inclusion, and (3) how they impacted the student’s understanding of diversity and inclusion.


  • Spring and Summer Graduates:  April 15
  • Fall Graduates:  November 15

There is no limit to the number of students who receive the badge. However, a student can only be awarded one Badge while they are in the program. If you have questions, contact SIS Assistant Professor and Diversity & Inclusion Officer Carolyn Hank by email at or by phone at 865-974-4049.


Apply for the Diversity and Inclusion Badge Here