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Michael Frame


Current career:

Mike Frame is Deputy Director, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for Science Analysis, Synthesis and Libraries. He is responsible for enabling better use and application of scientific data through developing data access/interoperability strategies and the implementation of technologies such as: knowledge portals, data integration tools, analysis/visualization technologies, geospatial applications, standards, and indexing/discovery methods. He has served as Principal Investigator on several US National Science Foundation projects, international councils, and initiatives. He is currently supporting several USGS Open Data initiatives, the implementation of high-performance computing in USGS, and helping to support USGS Library services.

He has been teaching at SIS for nine years.


  • MS Industrial Engr/Engr. Mgt
  • BS Electrical and Computer Engineer


  • Science Data Management & Lifecycle
  • Data Standards
  • Information Science
  • Library Services
  • Data Integration
  • Usability / Human Factors

Courses taught:

  • INSC 546 Environmental Informatics/Environmental Information

My favorite thing about working at SIS is:

Working with and mentoring students.

Professional memberships:

  • AAAS
  • AGU


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