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SIS Practicum: A Career Building Opportunity

The Practicum Program is a vital means of gaining relevant, professional work experience. Students apply their classroom understanding of tasks and responsibilities to the daily workflow in their chosen information agency under the supervision of a seasoned information professional. The Practicum gives SIS students an opportunity to “try out” a job and type of workplace, gain professional work experience, earn academic credit and valuable professional contacts.

The Practicum experience [INSC 599] expands a student’s professional network and usually provides a recommendation from an experienced and well-regarded information professional—invaluable when searching for that first professional job. The Practicum is available each semester to all students, though they are often taken in one of the last two terms of graduate study. See Practicum Guidelines.

The Practicum experience:

  • Integrates the classroom with the “real world” under the supervision and instruction of an experienced information professional;
  • Puts technique and technologies in context;
  • Strengthens one’s accomplishments portfolio and resume through validating skills and knowledge;
  • Provides oversight, context, and feedback from skilled and established practitioners;
  • Can be done in any location;
  • Allows students an extended opportunity to “interview” an employer they are interested in working for;
  • Confirms interest in a possible career path and develops familiarity with culture and values of a specific type of organizational climate.

Interested in a Practicum? Contact:

Dr. Ericka Patillo, Clinical Assistant Professor and Practicum Coordinator
School of Information Sciences
451 Communications Building
1345 Circle Park Drive, Suite 451
Knoxville, TN 37996