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Newman Library at Virginia Tech


Blacksburg, VA

Type of practicum: 

In Person

Description of Practicum Site: 

The University Libraries play an essential role in furthering Virginia Tech’s mission as a global land-grant university by providing access to a plethora of resources in varying disciplines.

We strive to share information and knowledge regardless of geographic, institutional, or financial barriers, through our growing open data and research repositories.

Overall, our goal is to foster innovation, discovery, creativity, and collaboration through our spaces, technology, services, and people.

Description of Practicum Duties: 

Tasks the student would be expected to perform:
Creating robust metadata and other framing information/finding resources for the digital objects we’re creating as we digitize the items from the founding of FFA. This is a unique collection that will need specific resources built for it. The specific needs of the collection and how to best serve them will surface as we get into the project.

Type of mentoring you will provide to the student:
Negotiable with the student- at a minimum there will be a weekly touch base about the project, and 2 specific meetings to talk about professional development. Currently, I envision a supervisory relationship in connection to the project, and a mentoring/coaching connection along side the project for the student’s needs as they move to being a peer in the field.

Level of interaction the student will have with others in the organization:
Variable, but at a minimum, one person in Special Collections and one person in Digital Imaging within the Library, and Inga Haugen as the liaison and project lead. Additionally, at least one person in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The student can have the opportunity to interface more- and potentially attend other events the Library and College host- some of them are offered for remote attendees.

In which semester(s) is this position available? 

Start Date: January 2019