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Johnson City Public Library

Johnson City, TN
Type of practicum: 

In Person

Description of Practicum Site: 

The Johnson City Public Library was established a non-profit organization by the Monday Club in 1895.  The ladies of the Monday Club were inspired to create a public library for the city following a visit to Chicago’s Columbia Exposition.  Since its founding more than a century ago, JCPL grew and expanded thanks to its volunteer spirit and deep ties within the community.  JCPL is currently a level 5 library.  It currently occupies its third building, a 42,000 square foot facilities constructed in 1999, and holds more than 140,000 items in its collection.  Item formats include books, magazines, audiobooks, video-recordings, electronic resources, and a growing database collection.  JCPL also supports two special collections: the Tennessee Room (an archive of local and East Tennessee genealogy and history) and the Foundation Center Collection (an information resource collection focusing on grants, grant-writing, and the organization of non-profit entities).

Description of Practicum Duties: 

“The student(s) will participate in a semester-long practicum program dedicated to acquisitions and technical services in a public library setting.  The JCPL technical services department is primarily responsible for all activities related to making library activities accessible to the community.  It handles all cataloging, claiming, classification, ordering, physical processing, and preservation across all the library’s collections.  Practicum students will be given an opportunity to work with acquisitions (including budgeting practices and purchasing across all supported media formats and resources), cataloging and record maintenance, and collection management (including supporting end of life cycle efforts to pair withdrawn materials with local schools and other institutions).

The student(s) will also work with the technical services manager to develop a specific curriculum aligned with their areas of interest after the first month.  This will include developing opportunities and possible special projects to best match the students studies and future professional development with the department’s needs.”