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Public Library


  • Alabama Public Library Service
    The job vacancies page of the Alabama Public Library Service page posts job postings with public and state libraries within the Alabama Library service.
  • Birmingham Public Library
    Site of Birmingham Public Library posts jobs available within the Birmingham Public Library system, branch libraries, and regional libraries in the vicinity. Jobs include professional, paraprofessional, and general staff, as well as temporary, full and part time positions.


  • Contra Costa County Library 
    Job page of Contra Costa Co. Library, includes student jobs, paraprofessional, part-time, and full-time professional positions.
  • Peninsula Library System
    This site is from the public Peninsula Library System, and includes listings from the San Mateo, California, area. Some library positions are in public, academic, and corporate libraries. Positions are professional and paraprofessional, full and part time. Job postings include position, hiring library, full/part time, and deadline. Jobs generally are isolated to public library positions, not academic or otherwise.


  • Denver Public Library offers current job openings at Denver Public Library, a list of benefits, and other job resources. Job resources are job postings to DPL, Denver-based federal listings, and local sites. There is also information on resumes, cover letters, career guidance, salaries, etc. There is a separate link for a Spanish-language version of the site.
  • Jefferson County Public Library
    The Jefferson County Library web page offers a basic job site with listings of current job openings. Site also offers information on the library, library departments, the Denver area, benefits and locations.
  • Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs
    Site offers job listings as well as volunteer information. Jobs are part time and full, and include all libraries within the district.

District of Columbia

  • District of Columbia Public Library
    This web site offers a list of employment opportunities with main library and other district libraries within Washington, DC. Jobs are full time and part time, and jobs are professional and paraprofessional positions.

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  • Broward County Libraries
    Site offers jobs separated into full time, part time, and student positions. Site also offers resume building service and a link to submit resumes. Site also allows user to search by job category. Categories are not library-specific, and include professional, paraprofessional positions, as well as information technology positions.
  • Central Florida Library Cooperative 
    Central Florida Library Cooperative job web site, site links to available jobs at member libraries in Florida. Site also includes a link to the Florida State Library. They post MLS-required positions and currently do not post paraprofessional or staff positions on this site.
  • Florida Library Information Network 
    Job site of Division of Library and Information Services for Florida. Site provides job postings for Florida, searchable by keyword, job name, library, or skills. Site also provides email alerts when new library jobs are posted. Resume posting service is also available.


  • South Georgia Regional Library
    South Georgia Regional Library System posts current positions at this library and other member libraries. Site also includes information on volunteering. Site posts paraprofessional, staffing, and professional positions.

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  • Monroe County Public Library
    Site is of the Monroe County Public Library in Monroe, Indiana. Site includes information on job openings and volunteer positions.


  • Kansas City, Kansas Public Library Jobs 
    This is the job site for the Kansas City, Kansas, library. Jobs are professional or paraprofessional, including jobs requiring diploma and/or an undergraduate degree.


  • Baltimore County Public Library Employment Opportunities
    This site posts Public library positions, as well as part time positions, volunteer openings, and Baltimore government positions, within the Baltimore area. Jobs are professional and paraprofessional. Site has information for job seekers and volunteer opportunities at the county library. Site includes, in addition to full-time job openings, links to volunteering opportunities, information about volunteering for storytime, links to the County government’s job openings, and a link to branch names and numbers to inquire for temporary/part time employment.
  • Enoch Pratt Free Library
    Site offers basic list of job openings. Jobs include paraprofessional and professional. Site also includes a career resource center, consisting of links to local job sites in Maryland, job fairs, government job search engines, military careers, and a link to Baltimore job services. There are also links about internships, interviewing, resumes and cover letters.
  • Prince George’s County Memorial Library
    Job site separates job positions into salaried positions, temporary positions, and seasonal/summer positions. There is also a link to benefits. Site’s mainpage announces that resumes and applications will only be considered for open positions; unsolicited cover letters and resumes will otherwise not be maintained in records for future employment.
  • Montgomery County Public Library
    Site offers employment in the Montgomery Co., Public Library system, including district library branches. Site includes all types of jobs, professional and paraprofessional.


  • Boston Public Library
    Site lists current job opportunities at Boston Public Library and at the Boston Public Library Foundation. Jobs are full or part time, professional, paraprofessional, and temporary, including librarian positions, network manger, and aide positions.
  • The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners 
    Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners as a library jobs listing. In addition to permanent full-time vacancies at public, special, and academic libraries, part-time and summer positions are also posted.

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  • Library Employment
    The Library Network job site posts jobs that are a combination of professional and paraprofessional positions and are removed after two months. While site includes no information about itself, posted jobs are within Michigan library system.  Site includes at bottom of page a list of additional links for employment, most not library related.


  • Metronet Library JobLine
    Site includes links to Minnesota library organizations, public libraries. Pathfinder is a list of Minnesota based organizations and web sites with job listings, meant to aid librarians find positions in Minnesota. Sources are public, academic, special, law, and government libraries, as well as information brokers. Usually provided are addresses, contacts, and email addresses, and when available URLs.


  • Kansas City, Missouri, Public Library
    This is the site for the Kansas City, Missouri, library, and lists current job openings with that library. Jobs are of various professional and paraprofessional levels and include full and part time positions.

New York

  • Brooklyn Public Library
    Brooklyn Public library’s employment opportunities page offers job openings and information on how to apply at BPL only, no branch libraries included. There is also information on volunteer opportunities.
  • Buffalo and Erie County Public Library 
    Erie Co. Public Library system site includes a listing of jobs, benefits, unions, links to library schools in the area, and information on the future job prospects of librarians. Jobs are professional or paraprofessional.
  • Capital District Library Council
    Capital District Library Council’s job site posts jobs from all over New York State. Site also offers links to national and regional library jobs sites; including links to jobs lists of the Northeast’s major academic & public libraries – all with on-going staffing needs – as well as to neighboring state & provincial library associations and library schools.  
  • Central New York
    Jobs with Central New York Library Council are posted for four weeks. Jobs are generally professional with some paraprofessional/parttime work. Entry-level positions are also listed when available.
  • Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System
    Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System employment page includes jobs available within the main library and other branch libraries within the system. Site also a list of member libraries and links to their websites. (at time of searching, no jobs were available).
  • Finger Lakes Library System 
    Finger Lakes employment opportunities page lists job openings within the Finger Lakes public library system (located at Ithaca, NY, and surrounding area). Site also posts openings from member libraries and affiliates from other sections of the state.
  • Long Island Library Resources Council
    Long Island Library Resources Council jobline site posts jobs when available. At time of searching, none were posted, and no additional services to job seekers were found.
  • Metropolitan New York Library Council
    Serving New York City’s five boroughs and Westchester County, the site posts job opening from METRO’s 270 member libraries, which represent 1,200 special, academic, archival and public libraries. It includes links to information on salary negotiation, resume writing, and interviewing. Also included are public school libraries and hospitals with related job openings in the New York area.
  • Mid-Hudson Library System
    Employment opportunities page for the Mid-Hudson Library System includes job links to other sites for New York libraries and some national job links, and a link to their weekly bulletin, where the job listings are posted. Job openings are in the main library and in other member libraries, and include many of the library jobs openings in the surrounding area. The MHLS Bulletin includes job postings when available near the end of each issue.
  • New York Public Library 
    The New York Public Library site offers jobs both directly related to and outside of library service. Positions in the Branch Libraries include public service, programming, outreach, and literacy work. The Research Libraries offer opportunities in specialized research and reference work, bibliographic instruction, and classroom presentation, and within Central Administration, the departments of technology, human resources, finance, marketing, communications, and fundraising. Job listings also include trainee positions as well as fulltime professional librarian positions.
  • Onondaga County Public Library
    The Onondaga Public Library includes job postings separated into those at the main or branch libraries and those from member libraries. Jobs include full and part time, and when applicable, jobs include information on the civil service examination and other state requirements.
  • Queens Borough Public Library
    Public library site offers job openings at Queens Library. Jobs are both paraprofessional and professional. There are also links to job information centers and internet job links. Job sites include general national sites such as, government sites like, international, and online classified ads for New York jobs. Sites are general and not library or information-based.
  • Ramapo Catskill Library System
    The Ramapo Library System employment page includes job postings from branch and member libraries. The jobs are professional, paraprofessional, and clerical, full and part time. Job listings include New York State requirements when applicable.
  • Rochester Regional LIbrary Council
    Site includes job listings on top navigation bar. Jobs are generally professional, library based positions. Site also includes links to the job sites of major library organizations, such as ALA, ARL, and
  • South Central Regional Library Council
    South Central Regional Library Council, NY, posts positions within their region that are submitted to their site. Page allows user to browse by institution posting positions, including academic libraries and public libraries.
  • Southeastern New York Library Council
    Southeastern New York Library Council posts jobs from libraries of all types, including private/corporate, special and academic. Jobs are posted for one month.
  • Southern Tier Library System
    Job openings posted on the Southern Tier Library site are from the main, branch, and member libraries. Jobs include professional and paraprofessional. At time of searching, only one professional, MLS-required position was posted.
  • Upper Hudson Library System
    Upper Hudson Library System provides employment opportunities in public libraries located in Albany and Rensselaer Counties of New York State. Site includes positions, their libraries, and the deadline for applications. Site also offers a list of member libraries with direct links to their web pages.
  • Western New York Library Council
    Western New York Library Council posts a list of employment opportunities received directly or through their discussion list, Includes positions in academic, public, and school media libraries. Site also has posts jobs for NY based employment outside western region, and other links for careers and library employment within the western region, including links and sources for cover letters, career advice, other related careers such as paralegals.

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North Carolina

  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Public Library
    This is the site of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Public Library. It includes information on current employment opportunities with information on applying. Jobs are within the library system, and are professional and paraprofessional. Applications and resumes are accepted for current openings only.


  • Greater Cincinnati Library Consortium
    Job site is by the Cincinnati Library Consortium and Cincinnati Chapter of the Special Library Association. Site offers list of jobs available within the Public library system, including Hamilton and Greene County openings, some university libraries, and technical libraries. Jobs are mostly professional and full time.

South Carolina

  • Charleston County Public Library Job Listings
    This is the job site of Charleston County Public Library. It includes a link to current job opportunities and information on applying online. Jobs are professional, paraprofessional, and staff. Jobs are in any library in the Charleston County library system.
  • Greenville County (SC) Library
    This is the site of the Greenville County Public Library system. Jobs posted are in libraries within this system, and are separated into full time and part time positions. Positions include professional and paraprofessional jobs.
  • Richland County Public Library
    This is the job site of Richland County Public Library System. It includes job openings at their branch libraries, friends of the library organization, and substitute positions. Jobs are professional, paraprofessional, and staff.

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  • Houston Public Library
    Site includes jobs at the Houston Public Library branches. Jobs include professional librarians, which all must have the ALA-MLS degree, other professional positions, technology positions (both requiring a college degree), and non-professional positions.


  • Alexandria Library
    Site includes employment openings at Alexandria Library. This includes full and part time work, professional, paraprofessional, and general staff.
  • Arlington County Public Library
    This site offers a basic job listing of employment opportunities for Arlington Co. Public Library. Site offers full time and temporary distinctions in job openings.


  • Seattle Public Library
    This is the main career site of the Seattle Public Library. It includes information on working in the Seattle Public Library, library jobs, library scholarships, and volunteering. The site includes information on professional and paraprofessional positions, as well as student assistant positions, and also takes applications for specific positions year-round regardless of job status. It includes positions for librarians, security, and student assistants. It also lists full and part time positions.
  • Timberland Regional Library, Olympia
    The site of the Timberland Regional Library system in Olympia, Washington, posts library-related job positions at this library and other regional libraries in the area. Jobs are professional and paraprofessional. The library site makes special mention that it accepts resumes only for currently open positions.


  • Natrona County Public Library 
    Site offers information on volunteering and library jobs. At time of searching, library jobs were available under the “about” page, but included only some information on Casper, Wyoming, presumably meaning there were no open positions at that time.

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