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Library Associations

United States

    • American Association of Law Libraries
      AALL offers a job hotline, available off the left navigation bar. Jobs posted include professional librarian positions in law firms or academic law libraries, as well tenured faculty positions for law librarians. Hiring firms include private and public law firms, and related organizations.
    • American Indian Library Association
      This site includes both the AILA NEWSLETTER andAILA-L, both of which accept library job advertisements. Job postings are fee-based (Current rates for the Newsletter are $50/half column; $100/one column; $200/two columns. Job ads of any length can be sent out on AILA-L for a $50 fee, the same price as a half-column ad in the Newsletter.) Site includes information on library scholarships, conference information, and a long list of Native American related links, including law and library related sites. Newsletter and listserv are for members only.
    • American Library Assoication Human Resource Development and RecruitmentALA-based series of links to career links and job resources, such as salary statistics and links to sites for special libraries, as well as including links to post-master’s residency programs such as internships and recruitment programs.
    • ALA Careers
      Maintained by ALA. Site offers links to pages describing careers available with MLS degrees, and a bibliography of traditional and web-based library career resources, as well as other links to other web sites focused on specialist librarians. Site seems focused on primarily those wanting librarian positions and looking for information on specific needed skills.M
    • ALA Career Leads Online
      ALA Career Leads Online, includes links to individual job sites for librarians, including Librarians’ Classifieds, taken from American Libraries magazine, a link to a monthly column about life in the library workplace, and other classifieds advertising inAmerican Libraries magazine. It also includes a direct link to ALA postings of library positions across the country, paid for by posters, due to be posted in future editions of American Libraries.
    • American Library Association Joblist
      American Library Association searchable database of jobs.
    • American Library Association Jobline
      The American Library Association (ALA) web site provides links to a wide-range of position announcements from their monthly publicationAmerican Libraries. Also included are links to job listings from the College and Research Libraries Newsnet.
    • ALA School Librarianship as a Career
      This is the American Library Association site on School Librarianship. It does not include a job bank, but has several links to sites offering information on School Librarianship as a career, and possibly job links.
    • American Society for Information Science and Technology Job Line
      Set up for job seeker and employer/recruiter, allows one to post resumes, view job list in information technology field, sign up for job alert, have a job seeker account to store and manage cover letters and resumes. American Society for Information Science and Technology.
    • American Theological Library Association
      This site provides job postings for various religious libraries across the country and in Canada. Most positions require ALA masters degree and some religious training, usually academic. Site includes listing of ATLA-member, and a few non-member, librarian positions, most professional but some paraprofessional included. All member postings, at time of searching, were by religious academic institutions, and the single non-member posting was from a religious historical society.
    • Art Libraries Society of North America JobNet
      Jobs for art librarians, photo archivists, visual resources professionals, curators, educators, publishers, and others interested in visual arts information. Lists by year, with no additional aid to job seekers.
    • Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association
      The APALA is an affiliate of the ALA. The jobs posted on their job page are free, and the pages are updated on a weekly basis, usually by Friday afternoon. Jobs posted are almost entirely academic, including professional and paraprofessional positions. Jobs are located in Pacific (one posting was from Hong Kong), and across the United States, and include an archives form 2003 to current.
    • Association of Christian Librarians
      The Association of Christian Librarians includes a career page that lists positions at academic libraries. All job postings have a three month period on the list unless specifically requesting an extension. The jobs posted were generally professional positions from all over the United States, and most but not all were from religious institutions.
    • Association of College and Research Libraries Classifieds
      Mostly US academic library jobs (lots of them). Site offers a straight listing of jobs by posting date, aimed at academic librarians, with no additional aid to job seekers.
      Job listings are published in each issue of C&RL News. There is a link to them on the ALA Library Education and Employment web page. Jobs are posted from the College and Research Libraries publication, and page includes career opportunities, and internet resources. Jobs are posted by date every few days. Jobs include librarian positions, catalog, digital services, special librarians, archivists, and library-based analysts. Most are academic posts, and some are international. Site doubles as the ALA career opportunities site.
    • Association of Jewish Libraries
      The Association of Jewish Libraries posts advertisements for library positions as a service to its members. Site consists of a list of posted jobs, most professional librarian positions, and contact information.  Posted jobs are at academic universities, nursery-high school (school librarians), and are not specifically related to religion (although some jobs posted were).
    • Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE)
      The Association for Library Information Science Education (ALISE) carries job announcements from institutional members under the following categories: Dean/Director Positions, Faculty Positions, Visiting/Summer Positions, and Other.
    • Association of Research Libraries (ARL)
      The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) maintains a listing of vacancy announcements for library and information science positions at colleges and universities. Vacancies are organized by functional area and geographically by region.  Vacancy announcements are by category of service and by geographic region. Most vacancies listed are in the U.S. Includes a link to “entry level” positions. Site designed originally to aid users to find work in ARL libraries, but is not accepting job postings from nonmember libraries. Site offers additional links to other job sites and a few articles on the library profession, primarily research librarianship, and internship programs in research libraries.
    • Association of Research Libraries Residency and Internship Programs Database 
      The database is a web-based registry for descriptions of residency programs and internships in academic and research libraries and/or library and information science educational programs. Site offers a list of residency and internship programs (44 in all) across the country. Site allows browsing and searching, and each entry is accompanied by a URL to the program’s site for more information. Programs are located in US and Canada, and include library-based (academic mostly) and private (such as the Baseball Hall of Fame).
    • Black Caucus of the ALA Job Announcements
      ALA site designed specifically for African-American library and information professionals. Job site includes an extensive list of jobs, paraprofessional and professional, for a variety of library positions, including special, public, and academic libraries, not necessarily related to African-American libraries or any positions that are open only to African-Americans.
    • Central Jersey Library Cooperative
      Maintained by Central Jersey Library Cooperative, directed by CJRLC Executive Director Connie Paul, and funded by a grant by Institute of Museum and Library Services. It provides information for people wishing to become librarians, includes personal accounts of librarians, links to LIS programs in varying states, especially New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as links to ALA sites, such as list of programs and scholarship links.
    • Chinese American Library Association
      Select Job Info from the CALA main page for a list of five career resource sites. The ALA Jobline and the Association of Research Libraries’ Job List are better accessed directly through their parent organizations (frames issue). The Chronicle of Higher Education Job List, which claims to list jobs from more than 1,080 institutions with no job listing older than 30 days, is a good source for academic librarian openings. The SI JobFinder (University of Michigan) and Careers (Indiana University) include searchable job listings and links to career resources.
    • Committee of Industrial Relations Librarians (CIRL)
      The Committee of Industrial Relations Librarians does not include a job page, but it does include a list of member libraries in the field of Industrial Relations, most at academic universities across the country. It includes links to each library for those searching for library positions in this type of library area.

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  • Greater Western Library Alliance 
    The Greater Western Library Alliance is a consortium of 30 research libraries located in the greater Midwest & Western U. S. This site includes a listing of open positions that have been sent to the site. Positions are generally professional, and include special librarian and administrative library positions. Jobs are posted from GWLA member libraries.
  • LITA — Jobs in Library and Information Technology
    Library and Information Technology Association offers job vacancies across the country. The site offers weekly listings on main job page, while including regional job listings from left navigation bar. These listings include Northeastern, Southern, Midwestern, and Western U.S., as well as an outside the U.S. link. Site also offers information on LITA scholarships and awards, links to the ALA, and information on current technology trends.
  • Medical Library Association Jobline
    MLA job site ( offers jobs organized by state. Includes jobs for libraries and other managerial, medical related jobs as well. This section of MLANET is available to individuals seeking employment and to institutions seeking qualified individuals to fill vacant positions.
  • Southern Chapter – Medical Library Association
    A professional organization made up of health science librarians from the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  Lists jobs in southern states, organized by state.
  • Medical Library Association Federal Libraries Section Jobs
    This MLA section’s Website links to the federal government’s USAJOBS and Army Civilian Personnel Online, now linked to Department of Defense and other military civilian job links. Nongovernment links include the Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network.
  • Music Library Association
    Site is maintained by University of South Carolina Music Library, and includes job listings by month, with an archive back to mid2003. Jobs listed are sometimes specifically related to music librarianship, but not exclusively, and include cataloging and other library positions across the country.
  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine
    Some of NNLM’s regional websites offer job postings. Site allows user to search by means of an interactive United States map that redirects to each region’s home page. Site also offers links to finding classes and training materials, a link to health library management resources, but other than the claim that the page has job postings, none were located.
  • North American Serials Interest Group
    The North American Serials Interest Group, Inc, offers a list of posted jobs, organizing them by those with closing dates, those without, and jobs specifically posted on various listservs (ACQNET , AUTOCAT , COLLIB-L , INNOPAC , LIBJOBS , LITA-L, PACS-L , SERIALST , SLAJOB , STS-L, ERIL-L). There appears little focus except librarianship, jobs are not isolated to serial-related positions.
  • Northern California and Nevada Medical Group Job Resources
    This chapter of MLA has extensive job resource links to regional and national sources and offers chapterjob listings.
    At the time of searching, this site offered one job at a Washington Hospital. Job required two degrees and two years experience in a health library, so not directed at recent graduates. Site did offer a link to a small collection of web sites with additional job links, but many have already been found in other areas.
  • REFORMA: The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking
    This Site offers a long listing of country-wide library related jobs. Site organized by date posted, usually weekly, most academic based, but public libraries and others included as well. Includes some part time and temporary positions, most require ALA-MLS degree and some experience.
  • Public Librarianship: It is More Than You Think
    The Public Library Association is affiliated with the ALA. This site offers information on public librarianship, including public librarian recruitment, links to educational requirements, salaries, job outlook, other resources, fast facts, and links to other library associations and organizations. No job page, and recruitment information is instead only a button order form.
  • Sierra Nevada Special Library Association Employment Resources
    Here are listed professional and paraprofessionalpositions available within the Chapter’s Northern California and Northern Nevada boundaries. Position listings are without charge and are provided as a service to members and employers. Job announcements are also posted to the chapter’s listserv. A list of employment search resourcesfollows the positions available.
  • The Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET) Job Opportunities
    The Job Bank is intended to assist both employers and job seekers looking for library work within the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean. Based in Atlanta, GA, the site includes jobs from all over the country of varying levels of professional requirements, including public and special libraries. Site includes additional resources, links to other southern state libraries’ job sites.
  • Special Library Association
    Site of Special Library Association, and includes long listing of jobs available and their locations. Site focused on librarians of varying specialization, and job listings come from libraries and companies with needs for information specialists.


  • Alabama Library Association
    Alabama Library Association Employment
    The Alabama Library Association employment page posts jobs available from any library or organization that sends in a job vacancy. Jobs are listed for six months or until notified that they have been filled. They are categorized into in-state and out-of-state positions. Most positions are professional, part or full time, and with public, academic, or special libraries. Site also includes a list of Alabama job links.

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  • Alaska Library Association
    Alaska Library Association includes a link to jobs in top navigation bar. Jobs are separated into categories, including library jobs in Alaska that are paraprofessional, professional (requiring MLS), or student, and library jobs outside Alaska. Library jobs outside Alaska were posted by affiliated Library Associations.


  • Arizona Association of Law Libraries
    This site offers a listing of jobs in law libraries or law firms. Jobs are primarily professional and many require law degrees.  Site is maintained by American Association of Law Libraries.
  • Arizona Library Association
    Arizona Library Association has link to Job Center on left navigation bar. Site includes information on listserv and email distribution lists that include jobs from the job hotline (job center).
  • Arizona Library Job Line Job line link lists mostly Arizona-based library positions, some of which are technical such as software engineers. Site link from the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records, Library Development Division. Jobs include private, academic, and public, and most professional.
    Arizona Library Jobline: (602) 275-2325
  • Arizona SLA Chapter Employment Resources
    Site offers position announcements within Arizona, links to Arizona Chapter Employment Service, Arizona & Southwestern Employment Resources, job listservs, other library-related job listings on the web, and links to career advice and reference.


  • Association of Jewish Libraries of Southern California
    AJLSC website accepts job listings in Judaica librarianship-related positions. The site postings are categorized by positions available and employment wanted. Distinction between the two is not clearly made since at time of searching, no jobs were currently available.  Site also includes a list of links, mostly from Los Angeles, including school libraries and university libraries.
  •  BayNet Libraries: Position Vacancies Site includes a lengthy list of job listings, including professional positions, paraprofessional, and internships, both full and part time. Most jobs are in the San Francisco, CA, region. Provided by the BayNet Library Association.
  • California Academic and Research Libraries 
    Posted jobs are listed by date posted, and are kept for no more than two months. The site is updated monthly, and includes archival and library positions.
  • California Library Association JobMart
    Job listings searchable by category, library type, salary, and location. You can also use their site to search for and post resumes. Resume posting is a fee-based service for non-CLA members at $25 every 90 days. Jobs California based, and generally professional. A few jobs did not require specific library experience, or education outside of a bachelor’s degree, but most required the ALA accredited masters degree for consideration. Some jobs did not specifically require experience, providing some opportunity for recent graduates.
  • Council on Library/Media Technicians (COLT)
    Site offers a long page of links to job resources. Classified jobs throughout the United States are listed in Library Mosaics, COLT’s bi-monthly publication. Site includes links to information on volunteering for libraries, mentoring, proposal writing, and library certification. The link to the COLT job line links to a page of links to other site’s job pages, organized by geographic region or region within California. Links to employment resources are accepted without regard to the geographic location.
  • NOCALL Jobs
    North California Association of law Libraries site for jobs, essentially the same types as the Southern California Association of Law Libraries (paralegal positions, law library positions, and clerical positions), only with three to five postings a month.  Site offers an extensive list of library positions open in academic law libraries, or professional firms.  Jobs include full time, part time, paraprofessional, and professional.
  • Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group
    The Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group includes, under Professional Development, information on credentialing, awards, job listings, grants, and mentoring. Jobs are professional in Medical Libraries, and site includes additional job resources, links to other medical library sites and national library sites with job listings.
  • Palomar Library Association
    The San Diego Library Association includes job links in the San Diego and California area. It includes phone numbers for regional county and city job lines, as well as school library and academic job lines.  It includes links to national and regional job links, categorized as organizations and special libraries, school and academic libraries, and public libraries.
  • San Diego Association of Law Libraries Jobs
    San Diego Area Law Libraries job placement site, with more jobs posted than NOCALL, and not isolated to law libraries, including biomedical libraries, Art libraries, Sociological libraries, etc. Organized by date, most are located in California.  Site offers links to SCALL, NOCALL, AALL, other resources for job searching in San Diego area, the local SLA chapter, and UCLA employment page.
  • Southern California Association of Law Libraries
    Site of SCALL offers a short job listing under “placement” in navigation bar, which includes paralegal positions, law library positions, and clerical positions. Site also offers links to three other related job sites.
  • SLA Southern California Chapter
    This site posts job listings submitted to the SLA chapter on a weekly basis. It is a free site updated every Friday for free. Each job is posed for two months or unless stated otherwise. Most jobs are in southern California, and includes links to career development resources at the bottom of the page. Jobs include professional, paraprofessional, student positions, temporary, full and part time. Jobs are also in academic and public libraries, private firms, legal firms, corporations, etc.
  • SLA San Francisco Bay Region/San Andreas Chapter Jobline
    Four weeks of job postings, professional and paraprofessional, are available. Unless otherwise noted, all jobs listed are in California. At time of searching, there were only two jobs posted, a temporary archival assistant and a position at in taxonomy. Job postings are fee-based, possibly limiting the chance of jobs being posted.
  • SLA San Francisco Bay Region/San Andreas Chapter Career Page
    A listing of career resources focused toward the interests of San Andreas/San Francisco Bay Region Chapter information professionals. Included are resources for special, academic and public libraries.


  • Colorado Association of Law Libraries Job Listings
    Site offers any posted listing related to law libraries. CALL offers no additional service to job seekers. One posted job opening at time of searching was in a private law firm, but site presumably posts academic posts as well.

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  • Connecticut Library Association CLA Jobs
    Job site of CLA is separated into four types of jobs: public libraries, academic libraries, school libraries/media centers, and corporate/special libraries. It includes a minimum salary guide with hourly rate required by CLA for entry-level positions with MLS requirement. This page is maintained by theConnecticut Library Consortium on behalf of theConnecticut Library Association.
  • Connecticut Library Consortium Jobline
    Site includes position openings at libraries in Connecticut.  CLC also lists jobs in nearby states. Jobs are organized by public, academic, school, corporate, or special library type. Site includes a career resources page. Resources are mostly from ALA, and job sites are generally New England based.
  • Special Libraries Association, Connecticut Valley Chapter
    Site posts jobs from Libraries throughout Connecticut, at time of posting site only had positions from corporate/special libraries.  Site also includes links to other sites offering library positions in New England.
  • Fairfield County SLA: Career Information
    Site posts Library positions in Fairfield County, CT (the southwest corner), and across country positions. Site is updated whenever new jobs are available. Site includes other employment links, such as, monster, and hotjobs. Also included are SLA conference information and links to library, or library-related, associations.


  • Delaware Library Association
    Job site of Delaware Library Association lists posted jobs by libraries. At time of searching, only public libraries had posts.

District of Columbia

  • District of Columia Library Association Jobs
    Job site posts current job listings sent in to the DCLA. Site also has a link to other library job web sites offering jobs in the Washington area.
  • Law Librarians Society of Washington, D.C.
    Law Librarians Society of Washington, DC, offers job listings by request, listserv information, job posting links, and placement committee information. The job links include,, and local colleges and universities.


  • South Florida Association of Law Libraries Job Listings
    South Florida Association of Law Libraries (SFALL) maintains a directory of current job openings in the South Florida area. Jobs are for law libraries in academic and private settings.
  • Florida/Caribbean Job Links for Information Professionals
    Site offers links to Florida library sites with job information, from SLA Florida/Caribbean Chapter. Site also includes links to Florida’s Job Center and other county job information pages.  Site has list of contacts in different regions of Florida to contact directly.


  • ALLA Atlanta Law Libraries Association Job Listings
    Atlanta Law Libraries Association job site posts jobs from government/court system, private firms, and Library Associates. Not all positions require a law degree, but most prefer experience in a law firm.
  • Georgia Health Services Library Association
    The Georgia Health Services Library Association posts jobs from member libraries. Library positions are not exclusively in Georgia, although when searching, they were in the south. Jobs tend to be professional with medical libraries and university-based medical libraries.
  • Georgia Library Association
    GLA site links to the Georgia Public Library Service web site. Site allows user to search for library positions by category, specific library, date posted, or whether library certification is required. Categories academic, public, school media, or special library. Certification is often in addition to an MLS-ALA accredited degree


  • Hawaii Library Association
    Job site includes links to Hawaii State Recruiting Office, University of Hawaii System, University of Hawaii at Manoa Library System, and ALA’s employment sites.


  • Idaho Library Association
    Site offers links to other library associations and libraries in Idaho and general northwest US region. No job page included on site.


  • Illinois Library Association
    ILA operates a Job Placement Center during the Annual Conference.  It also operates a Jobline service that posts jobs. Jobline presents professional job opportunities for academic, public, school, and special libraries along with opportunities for support staff. Jobline is sponsored by the Illinois Library Association and the Illinois Chapter of the Special Libraries Association.


  • Indiana Library Federation
    Job site includes jobs for media specialists and a link to the State Library for library positions, INCOLSA positions, and two University of Indiana SLIS department positions/job sites. Site also includes information on state certification for professional standards for media specialists.


  • Kansas Library Association
    KLA Help Wanteds
    Help Wanteds are accepted as a service to our members and for Kansas library positions only. Positions will be listed for thirty days, unless otherwise arranged.  Site includes basic list of open positions, but also includes links to other major library organizations with job sites, such as, ALA, and LITA.
    Site lists openings in Kansas state public libraries. Job types include primarily librarian positions, as well as assistants, archivist positions, web development, and special librarians.


  • Kentucky Library Association
    Site has information on conferences from the top navigation bar and links to listservs at the bottom of the page. Site has links to local colleges with SLIS programs that have potential job openings/lists.


  • Louisiana Library Association
    The Louisiana Library Association includes job links in their Resources link off the top navigation bar. Library jobs includes a variety of links and information on available job opportunities. It includes ALA sites, information on Careers in Library and Information Science, Louisiana Library jobs, LSU libraries listings, SLIS job resources, and Louisiana State Library job listings.

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  • Maine Library Association
    The Maine Library Association includes a job link in the left navigation bar. It includes a searchable job list by position and library-type. It lists positions as non-MLS or professional, and each listing includes type of library, job title, hiring library, location, and deadline for application. Jobs are posted from member libraries in Maine. The site also includes links to other New England library associations and joblines.


  • Maryland Library Association Jobline
    Jobline offers job positions in academic, school, special, and public libraries. Jobs are all located in Maryland. MLA jobline separates job postings into three categories: public libraries, academic, and school, special, or other libraries. Jobs are updated weekly. Most postings, but not all, require MLS degrees.


  • Massachusetts Library Association
    MLA operates a Job Fair during the Annual Conference. Site offers information on workshops in various programs and conferences. Site includes a job link at top navigation bar that offers salary recommendations by the MLA and a link to Massachusetts Librarian Career Services, links to various job sites for librarians in Massachusetts. There are also links for other job opening sites in New England.
  • Boston Chapter of SLA Job Index 
    Job site lists jobs by date posted, includes description of job, requirements, and estimated salary if included. Usually includes contact information and/or links to job’s site. Most jobs require MLA degree, and are not isolated to library openings, including some information management positions, research and financial management positions, and some academic library openings. Most non-library positions located in Boston area.



  • Minnesota Association of Law Libraries Position Postings
    Minnesota Association of Law Libraries job posting site posts job openings that are law library or law related, often with law firms. Site also provides additional links for job seekers, most Minnesota or surrounding state based, including Iowa and Wisconsin law library sites.
  • Minnesota Library Association
    MLA Job Postings
    MLA posts for free any posting from member organizations, while nonmembers have to pay a fee. Jobs are temporary and permanent, professional and paraprofessional.


  • Missouri Library Association
    MLA Jobline: (573) 442-6590
    Site lists jobs posted on MLA web site (fee-based for nonmember organizations). Jobs are mostly professional and can include entry-level positions when applicable.


  • Nevada Library Association
    The Nevada Library Association has an employment link from its left navigation bar. It includes open positions by library, linking directly to those Nevada Libraries’ job sites. It includes public libraries, state libraries and archives, and academic libraries, including universities, community colleges, and law schools.

New England

  • New England Library Association 
    New England Library Association has several links to job seeking resources online. Sites are categorized by national links, regional internet sources, and job tips. Tips include information on resumes, cover letters, and interviews.
  • New England States Library Job Postings 
    New England States Library Job Postings on the Internet, a New England branch of This page includes regionally-based job listings for the following states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Site includes listing of individual libraries, as well as listservs, staffing services, and regional library systems.

New Jersey

  • New Jersey Library Association
    NJLA posts open positions with member libraries free, and other libraries for a fee. All jobs are professional and require an MLS degree. Jobs are with academic, public, and special libraries, and are posted for one month. Jobs are organized by recent posting and salary requirements (those meeting NJLA salary requirements [$43,277 for full time positions and $23.78 for hourly positions] are listed first). Site offers separate link to Educational Media Association of New Jersey for School Media positions

New Mexico

  • New Mexico Library Association
    The New Mexico Library Association includes a job link in the top navigation bar. Jobs are posted from libraries in academic and public libraries across the country, not just in New Mexico. The site also includes links to New Mexico School Districts for school library positions.

New York

  • Association of College and Reasearch Libraries New York Job Postings
    This site is offered by the Greater New York Metropolitan Area Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries. The site offers three methods of retrieval: by type, institution, and location. Most of the listings are in the New York area.
    Job announcements are taken from ACRLNY-L, but users do not need to be a member of ACRL/NY to subscribe to listserv.  Jobs are listed according to geographic location. Site does include some non-New York positions, but they are few. There is also an area for international positions when posted.
  • New York Library Association
    This site offers mainly links to employment opportunities from both New York, including several library job sites in different areas of the state, a few and national sites. It is useful for civil service positions. It also includes a listserv, NYLINE, which has become a fairly standard means for posting jobs in New York
  • Fairfield County SLA Chapter Career Information
    Fairfield County SLA site lists job openings across country, many in New York. Also included are employment links, that are include,,, yahoo and Google jobs. There are also two links to SLA annual conferences, and links to related organizations, such as American Marketing association, American management association, and the Association of Independent Information Professionals.

North Carolina

  • North Carolina Library and Information Network: NC Jobs
    This site posts current professional library positions in North Carolina. All positions require an ALA-accredited MLS degree. The site posts positions monthly in a “current month” category, with a link for the previous month’s positions that are still open. It also includes a link to the state library, where positions are posted for six months or until filled. There is also a link for non-professional library positions in North Carolina.
  • SLA/University of North Carolina News Division
    Site lists jobs posted by employers, including Fox News, CNN, Palm Beach Post, etc. Jobs include news librarians, researchers, photo archivists, and one academic library position. Site also links to an internship openings site, offering cross-country internships in print and televised media, as well as libraries (such as the Washington, DC, CNN library). Almost all postings have news emphasis.


  • Oklahoma Library Association
    The Oklahoma Library Association includes a link on the left navigation bar on Library Careers. It includes a list of links to national library sites, information on librarianship in Oklahoma, information on school library certification in Oklahoma, and career recruitment.

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  • Oregon: Oregon Library Association Jobline
    The Jobline is operated by the Oregon Library Association, and includes listings of current openings in Oregon libraries. Jobs are organized into jobs with deadlines and jobs without deadlines. Jobs are located in Oregon and are for professionals, teaching librarians, archivists, and staff paraprofessionals. Site also includes short list of links to other librarian job sites.

Pacific Northwest

  • Pacific Northwest Library Association Job Openings
    Web site of Pacific Northwest Library Association, job site offers list of jobs by date, with location indicated by state initials at end of posting. Site also offers hints for job seekers, salary calculator, and hints for job posters.


  • Greater Philadelphia Law Library Association
    Site offers short listing of law library positions, as well as a long list of sample position listings, presumably for students preparing to enter the workforce and wishing to see the typical descriptions for job positions in specific related fields.
  • Pennsylvania Library Association 
    PLA posts job openings from member institutions for free, and for a fee for non-members. Positions are for academic, public, and special libraries, and are primarily professional.

South Carolina

  • South Carolina Library Association
    The South Carolina Library Association includes a job link off the left navigation bar. It lists links to South Carolina job links, including the state library, county public libraries, and some national sites for libraries.  It includes current library openings in South Carolina posted by member organizations, most professional.

South Dakota

  • South Dakota Library Association
    The South Dakota Library Association posts professional positions at South Dakota public and academic libraries. Positions are generally professional. Site also includes links to other library job sites at other library associations, including mostly mid-western states such as Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana.


  • Chattanooga Area Library Association (CALA)
    CALA Careers
    The Chattanooga Area Library Association provides information on employment opportunities and other professional associations. It includes primarily links to national and regional job sites, such as GOLD job bank from Georgia, Tennessee Library Association, and ALA.



  • Border Regional Library Association
    The site of the Border Regional Library Association in El Paso, TX, includes information on awards and scholarship, membership, and the association’s listserv, which is free and open to the public. Site does not include a list of job postings, but does include a link to other library associations.
  • Texas Chapter of SLA
    Site offers Texas-based jobs by major city. Jobs included vary from academic to private industry. Site includes research librarians, internships, technology consultants. Jobs posted only for sixty days and is updated regularly.
  • Texas Library Association Jobline
    Basic job site of Texas Library Association. All the positions on this Jobline will require an MLS from an ALA-accredited program, unless otherwise noted. Jobs can be sorted by location, institution, and salary.


  • Utah Library Association: Jobline
    The Utah Library Association posts professional positions within Utah, including public library and faculty positions at academic libraries. It also includes links to library employment pages from Utah-based public libraries, county libraries, and the University of Utah.


  • Vermont Library Association
    Vermont Library Association accepts listings for positions in academic, school, public, and special libraries. Postings will be listed for two months or until the application deadline has passed.  Jobs posted include paraprofessional and professional.


  • Virginia Library Association (VLA)
    Site offers fee-based job postings to general east coast area, chiefly Virginia and Maryland. Jobs vary from professional with extensive experience and/or advanced degrees, to assistant positions with minimal requirements. Site updated daily.

West Virginia

  • West Virginia Library Job Postings
    This is the site of the West Virginia Library Commission. It includes job postings from public libraries, special libraries, and academic libraries within West Virginia. Most jobs are professional.


  • Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin Job Placement site.
    Site includes job postings in Madison, Milwaukee, and a link for openings in other Wisconsin areas. Site also includes links to other job sites in Wisconsin, including special libraries, universities, LLAW email list, American Association of Law Libraries hotline listings, Wisconsin Court System employment listings, related articles. At time of searching, no jobs were posted.


  • Wyoming Library Association: Job Board
    The Wyoming Library Association lists jobs posted by member libraries, including professional positions at public library systems within Wyoming and some academic university libraries. It also posts some administrative positions at library-related companies or organizations when available.


  • Australian Library and Information Association
    ALIA Employment
    Site offers job and career placement advertisements from the Association’s news magazine, inCite. They also include information on finding work, negotiating workplace agreements, coping with redundancy, and a review of various library-sector job or placement websites.  Most new job postings appear at beginning of the month, and job sites include libraries, government, and recruitment agencies across Australia and sometimes international.

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  • British Columbia Library Association
    BCLA has a job board that posts jobs from all over Canada, designated by city and province. Jobs are primarily professional librarian positions.
  • Canadian Library Association Classifieds
    These are not necessarily the same ads that are published monthly in Feliciter, the CLA’s magazine. Includes a list of jobs in Canada, identifying which province they are located in, primarily professional positions,  with some books listed, included in separate document file.
  • Foothills Library Association Job Line
    The Foothills Library Association provides the Jobline as a service to the library community of Western Canada. Positions listed are primarily within Calgary, Alberta and surrounding area. Links are listed to other job resources in Canadian territories. Site also includes position openings in the rest of the Prairie Provinces, British Columbia and the North. It is a free service to both employers and job seekers. The Jobline lists library openings at the professional, technical, and clerical levels. It is updated daily as submissions are found or received.
  • International Federation of Library Association Libjobs
    Libjobs is an active electronic mailing list of employment opportunities for librarians and information professionals. This service is hosted by the National Library of Canada and managed by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutes. [One has to join the list to receive job lists, essentially a listserv, only isolated to job postings.]
  • Manitoba Library Association
    MLA Careers
    MLA Jobs
    Career site describes different types of libraries, library careers and requirements, related careers, links to Canadian library associations in different provinces, and information on job prospects in future. Job postings from Library Jobs link are listed by application deadline date, so new postings do not necessarily appear at the beginning or end of the list. Site also includes a few links on interviewing, resume tips, and resources, and links to job sites and library associations, both American and Canadian.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association
    Site offers current employee opening postings, a resume bank, and resource links. This page is meant as an employment resource for information professionals and library support staff. The NLLA Resume Bank is a resource for all members of the Newfoundland & Labrador library community, including professionals, paraprofessionals and others. It is intended to connect Newfoundland & Labrador library employers with potential employees, by creating a space where job-seekers can promote themselves within the library community. Employment resources are Canadian links and two listservs.
  • Nova Scotia Library Association
    NSLA Joblinks
    Under Resources, Nova Scotia Library Association provides a list of job links. They include Canadian library associations and libraries throughout Canada, as well as links to government job openings and universities in Nova Scotia. There is also a section for library associations and job pages outside Canada.
  • Ontario Library Association Job Hot Site
    Jobs are listed by posting date, the newest jobs being listed first. Jobs are divided into those requiring graduate education and those requiring a college-level degree. The OLA’s Career Toolkit has been developed to meet the needs of those who are presently looking for library and information profession positions. Includes a list of helpful services to students still in library school as well as to graduates looking for employment. Links to OLA services including a mentor program, resume critiquing, listserv, and an assessment of foreign credentials.
  • Corporation des bibliothécaires professionnels du Québec
    The Corporation of Professional Librarians of Quebec offers a members-only placement service; French only.
  • Saskatchewan Library Association
    Career Center is part of Saskatchewan Library Association. Positions are listed first by association or library, including branch public libraries, academic libraries, and special libraries. Postings include date posted, deadline, and region. Site also includes links to Canadian universities and library associations.
  • Saskatchewan Association of Library Technicians Jobline: (306) 477-3399
    Site lists jobs by date, and include all types of librarian positions, most professional. Types of libraries include special, academic, public.  An archive of the previous year’s job postings are also available. Site includes separate links to Canadian Joblines and other library associations in Canada and America. Canadian Joblines include links to other Canadian job hotlines of library associations, general job sites, public libraries, and university job sites.


  • International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLANET)/LibJobs
    This is the web site for LibJobs, an electronic discussion group that consists of library job postings. The page contains information on how to subscribe and unsubscribe to the list as well as an archive of messages and job postings. Lists jobs in the U.S., from all types of libraries. Site also lists jobs in several languages besides English.


  • Associazione Italiana Biblioteche (Italian Library Association) (in Italian and English)
    The Italian Library Association is a bilingual site and offers a job site (near the lower middle of the page). The job page is in Italian, and the jobs are, naturally, in Italy. (key: lavoro=job, and biblioteche=library, bibliotecari=librarians). Jobs are separated into jobs in Italy (offro lavoro in Italia) and in the rest of the world (all’estero). Site is not updated with great frequency

South Africa

  • Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA)
    The Library and Information Association of South Africa includes a career page off the left navigation bar. It includes a list of jobs categorized as “jobs wanted” and “jobs offered,” from member organizations. At time of searching, no jobs were currently posted.

United Kingdom

  • Association for Information Management – Aslib(UK)
    The Association for Information Management was established in 1924. Its members are private and public sector companies and organizations throughout the world, and its recruitment services have an emphasis on library and information within the United Kingdom. Site has a recruitment section and a training section. The training section includes information on conferences, open learning, email updates on new courses, and career information. Recruitment includes a job listing, registration, hints and tips related to job searching. Hints are related to curriculum vitae or resume/cover letter, interviewing. Job page allows searching by type (permanent, temporary or both), region (within UK or “abroad”), and salary (in pounds).
  • The Library Association (UK)
    Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) was formed in April 2002 following the unification of the Institute of Information Scientists and the Library Association. CILIP includes information on careers, career requirements, salary information.  Their main job site is (Lisjobnet) which is the online version of Library and Information Appointments, the official recruitment publication of CILIP. The site contains library and information job advertisements from the United Kingdom, as well as advice and information on library careers, qualifications and professional issues.
  • Consortium of University Research Librarians
    This is the site of the Consortium of University Research Libraries in the British Isles.  Under its members directory, it includes job vacancies posted on their site by member libraries. It includes a brief list of new postings, and a secondary list of vacancies by library, which links to each individual library’s job page. All libraries are within the British Isles, including Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.
  • LIS JobNet
    The UK-based Library Association publishes theLibrary and Information Appointments which lists library advertisements by geographical location and employment sector. While the printed version is only available to Library Association members, the electronic version is freely available to the general public.  It also includes a LIS recruitment center, salary guides, a link to ‘Working Wisdom’, a column giving advice to job seekers and encouragement, and a link to a book on LIS career success (Sheila Pantry and Peter Griffiths, Your Essential Guide to Career Success)<

New Zealand

  • Library and Information Association of New Zealand
    LIANZA job site has information on education of new librarians, scholarships, awards, and job opportunities within the profession. Jobs are in New Zealand and overseas, and include library positions and jobs posted by other organizations seeking to employ information professionals. The job site also includes information on volunteering in New Zealand, listservs, employment register, and a list of general job links focused on New Zealand, followed by a list of international links, most for Australia.
  • New Zealand Law Librarians Group
    New Zealand Law Librarians Group includes a job listing page with no job listing (either because no jobs were posted at that time, or because they do not post here). Instead, the site provides links to New Zealand-based job pages, namely LIANZA and a consulting group. There is also information on working internationally through an exchange program, with links to CILIP in the United Kingdom.

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