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United States – Federal

  • Air Force Civilian Service
    This site lists jobs by state, region, country, or by military base. One can apply for a job online. The site also includes links to an Air Force Job Kit, employee benefits, resume writer, jobs by email, a popup window test, recruitment center, civilian intern programs, and merit promotion information. Jobs are listed as internal, current employees or open to external job seekers.
  • Army Civilian Service
    The job search site includes searching by keyword, special programs, and general occupations, which includes a category for “Museums, Archives, and Libraries” (This category also includes historian positions). It also allows searching by state and countries/US territories. Job search also singles out those with military or federal government experience before searching to match up experience on job postings.
  • Department of Defence
    Department of Defense’s job site, including section on civilian job opportunities including an array of government organizations from military to the National Security Association. No apparent link to libraries.
  • Federal Job Search
    Site allows searching by category, salary, and keyword. While library or library related positions (other than human resources) are not listed, a keyword search for library positions retrieves a goodly amount of openings, from military and other governmental branches, that are library related. Jobs can include library media specialists, library technicians, and jobs are located in the US or at US Military locations overseas (including Iceland, Crete, etc).
  • Library of Congress
    Site includes information on current jobs, application information, federal benefits, and internships/fellowships available. Jobs include information management and technology, financial, legal, and librarian positions. Job locations vary per opening, being at different library locations or government offices.
  • National Archives and Records Administration
    NARA site for jobs, internships, and volunteering. Job includes description of jobs, benefits, and student jobs. Job categories are separated into jobs for general public, current or former government employees, or current NARA employees.
  • National Library of Medicine
    This is the site of the National Library of Medicine, and includes job listings for the National Institutes of Health from NIH Jobs. Posted jobs include information technology and library positions.
  • U.S. Office of Personel Management 
    Official job site of the federal government. The user can search by libraries and archives all over U.S. Site is organized for individual interested in government employment, including NARA, Department of Defense, Library of Congress, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and Smithsonian.

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  • Alabama State Library
    This site offers a listing of available jobs in state and public libraries within the state of Alabama.


  • Alaska Job Center Network
    The Alaska Job Center Network provides resources for jobs, job training, and temporary assistance for state jobs. Jobs are searchable by region or category. No category relating to libraries are listed, but under the professional, managerial category, any library positions posted on the site are located here. Under this category, jobs are arranged by location then alphabetically by job title, and requires manual searching through the list. Category also includes information management positions and records analysts.


  • Arkansas State Library
    The job site of the Arkansas State Library is aimed at anyone searching for jobs within the state of Arkansas. The site includes links to Arkansas jobs database, which includes resume databases, an employment security department, which includes jobs within the department and labor market information, a list of state agencies, and Arkansas state jobs. There are also general job sites and statistical information. Job site is Arkansas JobBank, which allows keyword searching to locate jobs. Site requires a category or a keyword and a city or zip code, state, or county. Also included are links to Arkansas Employment Security Department, State of Arkansas, and Arkansas Government Jobs.
  • Arkansas Government Jobs 
    Site includes a list of categories/agencies in Arkansas government with number of job openings indicated by each name. Included in the list is the Arkansas State Library. Other means of locating positions are by position number, job description, and county or city.


  • Arizona Library Job Line
    This site is maintained by the Arizona state government. It lists library related jobs in Arizona, of varying professional levels, including professional MLA-required positions and paraprofessional. Site is maintained by the Arizona State Library’s Library Development Division.


  • Alameda County Library 
    The Alameda County government’s Human Resources department includes information for employment opportunities. It includes positions in the areas of health and human services, law enforcement, public safety, maintenance, legal, financial record keeping, administration. At the bottom of the page, the site allows category searches for job openings, including the current number of posted jobs in each one. The categories include the Alameda County Library.
  • California Job Service
    Designed for both jobseeker and employer, this site provides links about Services, How To, and General Information. Also, in both English and Spanish, the Jobseeker buttons have links to job searching and resume posting. The site includes information for job seekers that includes resume tips, workshops, interviewing skills, and salary information
  • California State Library
    The site of the California State Library includes jobs ranging from librarianship, research, library program development and technical assistance, and general administration (budgets, accounting, and human resources). The site includes information on benefits and civil service requirements. Jobs are professional, paraprofessional, and staff.
  • California State Jobs
    Site lists state positions with the State of California (requiring a civil service examination), but searchable for library positions. Such positions include student positions to permanent professional positions, usually with the State library (or with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation).
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    This site allows user to upload a resume/CV onto the site to match experience to job openings. Site also has a link to job openings page, where user can search by title, category, department. Job categories include library and archives positions when available.
  • Careers in California Government
    This site includes information on employment within the California State government. The site includes a link that leads specifically to employment information for job seekers. This page includes information on technical positions, civil service requirements, student work, internships, summer or part time work, benefits, unions, salaries, as well as including links to job sites, such as, and employment opportunities within the state (off left navigation bar). Employment opportunities page is intended for those who are current or former state employees, or those who have passed the California civil service exam (who are added to a list of potential employees who are given access to the site). There is also a site with employment information for non-state employees, including non-civil service jobs and other CA government employment sites.

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  • Colorado Department of Education 
    This is the Colorado Department of Education site. It includes links to the state library, educator licensing, jobs at Colorado Department of Education, jobs at Colorado Libraries, and jobs at Colorado School Districts (
  • State of Colorado Employment Opportunities (includes library positions)
    Web site of the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration, it provides information on Colorado state government job announcements. All Jobs are listed with more information available, requiring user to scroll through them (jobs include several for information technology professionals). Library jobs, when available, are listed here.

District of Columbia

  • Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
    Human Resources links in navigation bar include job opportunities, internship information, recruitment information, benefits, training, and employee relations. Job listings are updated weekly.


  • Florida Department of Education
    This is the job site by the Florida Department of Education. It includes a search site for jobs, information about teaching in Florida, salaries, job fairs, recruitment coordinators, resume posting, and career resources about Florida’s school system. The job search site allows searching by position type, category, county, keywords, and city. Category includes media specialist.
  • Florida State Library
    Site is run by Florida Department of State, Division of Library and information Services. It allows user to search by job, region, or library type, and to specify if the job requires a ALA accredited master’s degree. Jobs also can be viewed by their intended employee, regular citizens, state employees, librarians, archivists, or records managers.


  • Georgia State Library
    Site offers listing of library positions within the state of Georgia, including academic, public, private, and special libraries. Site allows user to search by job title, library, and by library certification requirements. Jobs include part-time, full-time, professional, and paraprofessional.

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  • Indiana School Personnel Job Bank (Indiana Dept. of Ed.) Site of Indiana Department of Education posts job openings voluntarily posted from schools throughout Indiana. Indiana schools are not required to report their job openings to the State Department of Education. Those that are voluntarily reported are posted here.


  • Illinois State Board of Education
    This the site of the Illinois State Board of Education. It includes a list of links that provide jobs, including IASA Online: Illinois Education Job Bank.


  • Iowa Library Joblist
    Sponsored by the State Library of Iowa, it includes jobs available in the state. Positions are both paraprofessional and professional. Job posting is free. Jobs are at academic, and public libraries.

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  • Kansas Department of Education
    This is the site of the Kansas Department of Education. Their job site allows users to search for a job in the Kansas school system, post educational employment opportunities or apply for a job.


  • Kentucky Department of Education
    This is the site of the Kentucky Department of Education. It includes postings of certified vacancies in public schools, core content for assessment, a school directory, links to high school web sites. The job site, off left navigation bar, includes Kentucky Department of Education vacancies and vacancies in other state agencies.
  • Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives 
    Site lists jobs that are related to a position located within the state of Kentucky, related to a professional library, archival, or records management field of work, and are in compliance with all current EEO/ADA laws. Jobs include academic, public, and special library positions of varying degrees of professionalism. Job list includes only jobs still open and is frequently updated.
  • Louiseville Metro Government Available on this site is information on the civil service exam and recruitment information for various government positions. Job category search includes information technology, which will bring up library-related jobs.


  • State Library of Louisiana 
    State library posts jobs from all libraries within state.  Site includes links to instate library positions, out of state, and instate public library positions, as well as links to library job banks and local universities’ job sites.

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  • Maine State Library Jobline
    Maine State Library positions are designated by professional or non-MLS (or MLS preferred) type position, as well as whether it is at a public or academic institution.


  • Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners 
    Web site of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). Site posts a monthly list of open library positions. These are positions in academic, special, public and school libraries, both full and part-time. Listings include qualifications, salaries, duties and contact information. There is also information on certification.

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  • Montana State Library 
    Montana State Library posts job positions at the state library only. Site includes an online application, but no further job aids. Jobs include professional and paraprofessiona, as well as staff, positions.

New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire State Library
    New Hampshire State Library job listings. Listings are updated every two weeks, with an archive of previously listed job postings. Hiring resources, job descriptions and NH Library Jobline links.

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New York

  • New York State Library Division of Library Development
    Site posts library and library-related postings across New York State. Site is hosted by the state government of New York and includes listings from other internet sites, such as METROnet. Jobs are listed by institution and include public, academic, special, and corporate positions. There is an archive for the last two months, and links to additional web-based job sites, including other New York and New England library sites.

North Carolina

  • State Library of North Carolina
    State library site posts job positions by professional level, separating professional jobs from paraprofessional, and includes links to other employment sites, generally NC state government sites. Professional positions all require ALA-MLS degree and NC public library certification, concerning mostly public libraries but some academic and special. Paraprofessional jobs include part-time, full-time and internship opportunities.

North Dakota

  • North Dakota Human Resources Management Services
    The North Dakota Office of Management and Budget, Human Resources page posts jobs within the North Dakota state government. Jobs are posted chronologically, and include job title, location, and deadline for application. Jobs within libraries are included, but require manual searching through listings. Site also offers email alerts when new jobs are posted.

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  • Ohio Department of Education
    This is the site of the Ohio Department of Education. Department of Education jobs, Ohio School Board jobs, and Ohio State Department jobs.
  • Ohio Library Employment Opportunities
    This is the State Library of Ohio site. It includes job links in Ohio and for national educational or librarian-related job sites such as ALA and Chronicle of Higher Education. Ohio jobs sites include the State of Ohio, opportunities at Ohio Libraries, CAMLS job listings, GCLC job openings, NOLA regional library system employment page, and the OLC jobline.


  • Oklahoma Department of Libraries: ODL Jobline
    The Oklahoma Department of Libraries posts positions in Oklahoma libraries. It includes jobs in two links, Oklahoma Library Announcements and out-of-state library announcements. It also includes other employment resources on the web. Jobs are with public, academic, and special libraries.

Rhode Island

  • Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services
    OLIS Jobline, Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services’s job line, posts jobs both paraprofessional and professional. The site includes links to other library sites in New England, as well as selected sites outside New England. Jobs are posted for three months, and are not limited to Rhode Island library positions

South Carolina

  • South Carolina State Library 
    Site offers an extensive listing of job positions throughout SC, posted by date. Paraprofessional and professional jobs, PT and FT, are blended together. Site is updated fairly regularly, but old jobs are not deleted. Includes links to other SC public library sites.

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South Dakota

  • State of South Dakota Job Openings
    This is the main state job listing. This listing includes permanent state positions covered under Career Service rules (SDCL 3-6A) and exempt job openings which are exempt from Career Service rules. Job site allows searching by all job listings, recent listings, and by region. Job listings include title, department, deadline, and location. Library and information-related positions are included when available, as well as educational positions.

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  • Texas State Library & Archives Commission
    Web site of the state library includes job positions separated into professional librarian positions, other professional, technical and clerical positions. Page also includes a jobline for librarians. Jobline lists other positions, Texas-based, for librarians. Positions appear to be listed until filled.


  • State Library of Virginia
    Employment opportunities page offers a short list of jobs available at the State Library of Virginia. Positions all professional (at time of searching) and links to state employment application.


  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
    Web site of the Wisconsin Department of Education, it includes a job link. Jobs are separated into jobs with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and in the public and private school system. The latter options are linked to the State of Wisconsin homepage, where, under the link “Employment in Wisconsin,” it brings up the page for job seekers. Page offers employment assistance in addition to job searching. Job categories include information technology, which has subcategories that are primarily computer engineering.

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