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Information International Associates

Oak Ridge
Type of practicum: 

In Person

Description of Practicum Site: 

The practicum can be performed at the Student’s discretion in cooperation with Ms. Carroll. Work space can be made available at the IIa office in Oak Ridge.  Regardless of work site, preference is for periodic meetings in Oak Ridge, but this may not be required.

Description of Practicum Duties: 

“Project 2:   Key People and Organizations in Scientific Data

IIa has a need for a student to work with Bonnie Carroll, IIa CEO and Secretary General of CODATA, to help develop an understanding of key data players in various countries.  We will specifically look at the structure of the National Committees for CODATA to see how they operate and who the key players are.  We will then look at non-member countries to investigate who the data players are.  The key players may be government organizations, key academic institutions, key people or others.  The product of the practicum will be a description and analysis of the national data environments in a variety of countries.  Note:  This project was begun by a student last spring and considerable progress was made on some non-member countries of CODATA.  We will build on the work that has already been done.  Product will be an analyses by country.  The analyses will be used by the CODATA leadership to develop a strategic plan for membership recruitment and retention.