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Assessment Librarianship Pathway

Assessment Librarianship Information Sciences

Assessment Librarians help their institution determine the extent to which they are meeting users’ needs and fulfilling stated goals. Assessment librarians are often involved in communicating their libraries’ achievements on both formal and informal bases. They regularly generate, collect, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, and develop channels and products to share that data with internal and external audiences.

While many information professionals in all types of settings are likely to engage in assessment-related activities as part of their jobs, Assessment Librarians are more likely to work in academic libraries than in other environments.

Assessment Librarianship: Position Titles in Information Sciences

Most positions in this area are titled “Assessment Librarian,” but there are few others related to this area of the profession. These include:

  • User Experience Librarian
  • Librarian for Instructional Design and Assessment
  • Assessment Specialist

Preparing to Enter the Professional World of Assessment Librarianship:

Professional Development:


  • Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Statistics & Assessment Focus Area
  • Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)
  • User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA)


  • ARL Library Assessment Conference (Biannual)
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries (QQML)
  • International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP)
  • American Library Association (ALA) Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) Conference | Assessment Section
  • Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Library and Information Services (Biannual)

Publications of Note:

  • College and Research Libraries
  • Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP)
  • Performance Measurement and Metrics
  • portal: Libraries and the Academy
  • The Journal of Academic Librarianship
  • The Journal of Library Administration
  • UX Magazine

Recommended Courses:

SIS Courses

  • INSC 504 Research Methods for Information Professionals
  • INSC 558 Planning & Assessment
  • INSC 588 Human-Computer Interaction
  • INSC 552 Academic Libraries
  • INSC 592 Introduction to Data Analytics and Visualization
  • INSC 599 Practicum

Other Assessment-Related Courses at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • EDPY 577 – Statistics in Applied Fields I
  • HEAM 505 Leadership and Organizational Theory in Higher Education
  • HEAM 619- Administration and Governance of Higher Education

Recommended Online Training & Workshops

  • UTK OIT Workshops:
    • Advanced Excel 2 & 3
    • PowerPoint Advanced Techniques
    • NVivo
    • QuestionPro
    • SPSS
  • Online Training Playlists:
    • Time Management
    • Project Management
    • Assessment
    • UX Research
    • UX Design
    • Communication

Real-World Experience:

Potential Practicum Settings:

  • Academic and Public Libraries

Recent Placements of UTK-SIS Alumni:

  • University of Tennessee Libraries
  • University of Wyoming Libraries
  • North Carolina State University Libraries
  • Auburn University Libraries

Professional Certifications in User Experience

Download Our Assessment Librarian Pathway PDF