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The online Healthcare Informatics Certificate (HIC) program from the University of Tennessee prepares students for careers in connecting people, information, and technology in the healthcare sector. The 100% online HIC program combines expertise from the College of Nursing, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and the School of Information Sciences to examine and apply current health information management, analytics processing, security, and data mining techniques.

Tom Berg


“Health informatics will be at the core of enhancing the delivery of healthcare and its process improvement. Being able to collect, process, and analyze the data generated by a vast array of healthcare sources will be an advantage for people interested in advancing their career options in healthcare.”

Tom Berg, Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the Health Informatics Certificate

What is Health Informatics?

Health Informatics refers to the application of health science, computer science, and information sciences to the delivery, management, and planning of healthcare technology. Health informatics professionals are uniquely positioned to address the most significant issues in the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare information and technology.

What You Will Learn

Healthcare Career Growth

The healthcare sector is the fastest growing employment sector by 2026 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics*. With medical technology and information evolving at a rapid pace, the online HIC Program prepares students to play a pivotal role and stay competitive in the healthcare information and technology landscape.

Healthcare Job Growth*

Online Course Delivery

The online Health Informatics Certificate offers an engaging learning environment with the convenience of online courses. Many students pursuing a graduate certificate are working professionals, and online course options make earning the HIC a reality for those that are unable to leave work, friends, family, and home.


A minimum of 12 graduate credit hours (4 courses) are required for the certificate:

NURS 557 – Introduction to Health Informatics (3 credits): Examines the design, development, adoption and application of information technology-based innovations in healthcare delivery, management and planning. Provides overview of electronic medical records, order and documentation entry, telemedicine, decisions support systems, and mHealth consumer applications.

INSC 584 – Database Management Systems (3 credits): Defining data needs, data structures, role of operating systems in data management, file organization, database management systems, logical data models, internal data models, database administration and evaluation. Design and implementation of application using database management system.

NURS 558 – Healthcare Information Architecture & Security (3 credits): Introduction to data formats, system architecture, hardware, vendor products and healthcare security standards. Prerequisite: Introduction to Health Informatics; Foundations of Information Management Systems.

IE 561 – Decision Support & Electronic Health Records (3 credits): Examination of applications and systems to promote interoperability and decisions support among healthcare applications and systems including IMPACT and MARCA. Emphasis on evidence-based practice in clinical support systems.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Health Informatics; Foundations of Information Management Systems.

Innovative Healthcare Research

The University of Tennessee is home to the Health Innovation Technology and Simulation Laboratory (HITS Lab), a group of nurses, engineers, business leaders, and designers whose goal is to advance simulation, innovation, and technology through research.

The HITS Lab partners with healthcare organizations to create innovations like DocuCare, an electronic health record learning tool; the Jasmin app, which connects weather and allergen conditions with symptom tracking for children with asthma; and SFM, a personalized communication app for patients who are communication vulnerable.


 According to the 2019-2020 UT Schedule of Maintenance, Tuition & Fees for online graduate students that are Tennessee residents pay $700 per credit hour, and out of state students pay $775 per credit hour.

➡️ View Graduate Tuition Rates in Detail (PDF)

Application Requirements

The Health Informatics Certificate program is open to any individual with a completed undergraduate degree from an accredited institution, including:

  • Individuals who are post-baccalaureate and only seeking to enroll in the online graduate Health Informatics Certificate program.
  • Individuals who are pursuing other academic programs and are currently at the master’s or doctoral level.
  • Individuals who have already earned a master’s degree or a doctorate, and are seeking to enroll in the Health Informatics Certificate Program.

➡️ View Application Requirements for the Online Health Informatics Certificate – All Undergrad Degrees Welcome

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