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Graduate Exit Requirements

Graduating MSIS students must complete the following two requirements during the semester in which they plan to graduate: (1) Student Learning Collection (SLC) and (2) Exit Survey.

Requirement 1: Student Learning Collection (SLC)

The Student Learning Collection (SLC) is a collection of work, selected by the student, which they have completed during their time in the MSIS program.

What is included in the SLC?

Each student will select three or more unique course assignments to include in their SLC that address five (of nine) MSIS Program Outcomes. Note that one assignment might address more than one program outcome. It is assumed that students will include their best work in their SLCs. Students will also be required to write brief descriptions of how each submitted assignment reflects the intended program outcome.

How will students know which assignments to use for the SLC?

Each MSIS course syllabus will identify at least one assignment that is connected to at least one of the nine MSIS Program Outcomes. SIS will provide students with a reference list that maps assignments to program outcomes for each course Students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisors if an MSIS course which they completed during their time in the program is not on the reference list.

When and how will students submit the SLC?

During the semester in which a student expects to graduate, they will be given approximately one month to submit the SLC using an online submission form. Specific deadlines, and a link to the SLC submission form will be sent to students via email at the start of the semester in which they plan to graduate.

What is the purpose of the SLC?

The Student Learning Collection will allow SIS faculty and administrators to gather important information about how well they are preparing students to meet the advertised Program Outcomes. Completing the SLC will also provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their academic accomplishments over the course of the MSIS program.

Exit Survey

After completing the SLC, students will be sent an email link to an online exit survey and will be given two weeks to complete this survey. The exit survey asks students to evaluate their experiences in the MSIS program. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.