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Diversity & Inclusion Statement of the School of Information Sciences

Adopted September 2007, Reaffirmed September 2019

The School of Information Sciences is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity for all. Our commitment to promoting, protecting, and ensuring diversity and inclusion in our community builds on an understanding that a diverse and inclusive society is essential for the free exchange of ideas, debate, research, academic freedom, growth, responsibility, knowledge, integrity, cooperation, and success in the local and global context. Diversity and inclusion are also essential in developing the cultural competencies and effectiveness information professionals must have to serve the needs of increasingly diverse and pluralistic communities.

Diversity and inclusion enriches the learning and teaching experiences of students, faculty, and others, and allows us to interact with each other and work together in an interconnected local, regional, and global society. All are honored, respected, and welcome in the School of Information Sciences, including those who may differ according to race, ethnicity, religion/spirituality, creed, national origin, language, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, age, veteran status, marital/partnered status, physical appearance, political affiliation, and social, economic, or educational background, amongst other factors.  At the same time, there are many similarities in us that create potentials for rich and creative partnerships across the differences and that facilitate communication, understanding, and mutual growth. Without a reflective and thoughtful understanding of the similarities and differences amongst us, as well as ways to promote mutual respect and collaboration, meaningful education is not possible.

Thus, we, the faculty of the School of Information Sciences, affirm our commitment to further diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in our teaching, research, service, community engagement, and other creative pursuits. The School of Information Sciences willingly complies with applicable laws adopted by the University of Tennessee regarding non-discrimination and affirmative action. Visit the Office of Equity and Diversity to view the details of University of Tennessee’s Equal Employment Opportunity/Non-Discrimination/Affirmative Action Statement. You can also visit the University’s Principles of Civility and Community and the College of Communication and Information’s Diversity Statement.