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Undergraduate Resources

Undergraduate Students

Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences (BSIS) consists of 30 total credit hours within the School of Information Sciences, which includes five core and five elective INSC courses. Students must also fulfill university requirements for additional credit hours leading up to the degree.

  • INSC 201 – Foundations of Information Sciences
  • INSC 210 – Foundations of Information Technology
  • INSC 311 – User Centered Design
  • INSC 360 – Programming for Information Professionals
  • INSC 380 – Information Management for Information Professionals

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

The UXD concentration consists of the five core BSIS courses, the following four concentration courses, and one capstone project:

  • INSC 430 – User Experience Foundations
  • INSC 435 – Usability Testing and Methods
  • INSC 436 – Analytics and Metrics for User Experience
  • INSC 439 – Interfaces and Interaction Design

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

The DIMA concentration consists of the five core BSIS courses, the following four concentration courses, and one capstone project:

  • INSC 384 – Database Design
  • INSC 484 – Database Implementation
  • INSC 486 – Data Analytics
  • INSC 489 – Data Visualization

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Minor in Information Sciences

The Information Sciences Minor will teach you about the impact of information and information technology on society, individuals and organizations. You will acquire information and technology literacy skills enabling you to know how and where to find information, how to use it strategically, and how to design information containers and access systems in a variety of settings. You will also learn how policies governing access and control of information resources are set and how policy affects organizations, individuals and society.

Requirements for the IS Minor


Academic Planning

Students interested in completing an independent project/research or practicum should consult with their academic advisor prior to completing the forms below. Upon approval, the appropriate course section will be added to the student’s course schedule.

Other Forms

An incomplete is a temporary course grade indicating that a student has performed satisfactorily, but due to significant unforeseen circumstances, has been unable to finish all course requirements. Students should discuss the possibility and terms of an incomplete grade with the course instructor prior to completing the form.


Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Tuition & Fee information can be found at One Stop. Follow the link below for the most recent updates to tuition and fees.

Tuition & Fees