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MSIS Student Resources

Graduate Student Resources

Graduate Student Handbook

The MSIS Graduate Student Handbook is an important resource for students throughout their MSIS journey, covering policies, procedures, requirements, resources, and other important information MSIS students are responsible for being aware of and satisfying all requirements of the MSIS program, Graduate School, and University.

Forms: Academic Planning, Advising, & Other Resources

Each MSIS student is assigned a faculty advisor to help them create an individualized course of study. Explore our Advising Overview page to learn about the advising processes, and tap the sections below for needed forms:

Forms for Advising & Independent Studies

Leave of Absence Form

Students experiencing medical or other emergencies that will temporarily interrupt their course of study may request a Leave of Absence from the University of up to two years. It is important to note that the Graduate School will not approve requested Leaves of Absence for financial reasons. Please contact your advisor or the Director of Graduate Studies as soon as possible if you need to pause enrollment.

Form requires Faculty signatures and is to be submitted to the UT Graduate School for approval. For more information about the Leave of Absence (LOA) policy, please see Continuous Enrollment.

Request for Grade Incomplete

An incomplete is a temporary course grade indicating that a student has performed satisfactorily, but due to significant unforeseen circumstances, has been unable to finish all course requirements. Students should discuss the possibility and terms of an incomplete grade with the course instructor prior to completing the form.

Transfer Request

Fillable PDF form to request for the transfer or substitution of credits. At least 27 hours must be taken within the School of Information Sciences curriculum. Up to 9 hours can be taken outside of the School, including a maximum of 6 hours outside the college. See Transfer and Substitution of Credits for more information.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award

The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Award is awarded at graduation and is in recognition of exemplary DEI scholarship, professional service, and reflective participation.

Exit Requirements

The Student Learning Collection (SLC) and Exit Survey must be completed during the semester when a student plans to graduate.

Meeting Room Reservations

Newsletter & ListServs

All SIS students are expected to join the UTKSIS Listserv and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. SIS also offers a weekly featured jobs newsletter, showcasing the various employers looking to recruit MSIS students and alumni.


SIS Practicum opportunities give students the chance to “try out” a job and type of workplace, earn course credit, gain valuable professional contacts, and accrue professional work experience.

Research Participation/Independent Research

Students are invited to engage with the research process on a more individual basis by exploring a topic of their choice with SIS faculty guidance, or assisting a SIS faculty member with their research. Consult with your advisor for more information.

Student Awards Program

The School of Information Sciences offers a series of awards to acknowledge student achievement. Students are able to nominate their peers for various awards.

Student Organizations & Student Leaders

Participating in student chapters of national organizations is an excellent way to obtain leadership skills, learn about professional organizations, network with professionals of similar interest, and stay apprised of trends in the field!

Student Leaders

Membership in at least one national organization is highly recommended to all students. The following organizations have student chapters at SIS:

American Library Association and Tennessee Library Association (ALA/TLA) UTK Student Chapter

The purposes and aims of this organization are to facilitate and encourage participation in the American Library Association and the Tennessee Library Association; to acquaint members with the goals, objectives and resources of the American Library Association and the Tennessee Library Association; to provide the members of the Student Chapter with official representation to the American Library Association, the Tennessee Library Association and other relevant organizations; to actively promote involvement in professional activities beyond the classroom; to provide a local forum for the exchange of ideas and information about trends, issues, and opportunities in the profession; to develop skills and relationships that will enable students to have a creative impact on the profession; and to increase awareness of local and national issues in library and information sciences.

Why Become a Student Member of ALA/TLA?

  • Strengthen libraries and the profession.
  • Connect to a network of dedicated library professionals.
  • Networking opportunities with information professionals and other information sciences students.

Communication Resources

How to Join

By virtue of being a UTK-SIS student, you are welcome to attend all meetings and other UTK-ALA/TLA Student Chapter events. However, by becoming a supporting member of the UTK-ALA/TLA Student Chapter, you will help to ensure that the student chapter can continue to promote important professional development and social events.

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Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) UTK Student Chapter

ASIS&T is a multidisciplinary organization with more than 4,000 members from fields such as librarianship, computer science, linguistics, management, engineering, law, medicine, chemistry, and education. ASIS&T helps these professionals keep up with the rapid advancements and changes in library and information science, communications, networking, and computer science.

Why Become a Student Member of ASIS&T?

  • Networking opportunities with information professionals and other Information Sciences students
  • Professional development and publications
  • Discounted registration fees for ASIS&T Summits and Annual Meetings
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Access to ASIS&T’s JobLine and Digital Library

If you are considering an information career outside a traditional library, ASIS&T is a great resource. Many information scientists in traditional libraries also find that ASIS&T provides them with valuable connections and information to help their careers and path to lifelong learning. The UT student chapter is excited to offer opportunities for leadership and involvement. Please join us to share your ideas and energy!

Communication Resources

How to Join

Whether you are a distance education or an on-campus student, we welcome your participation in our student chapter. Meetings will be available via Zoom. ASIS&T is an international organization, and the UT chapter is part of the larger organization. Membership in the national organization is required. Become an ASIS&T member online today, and then email your ASIS&T application confirmation to SIS.

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Special Libraries Association (SLA) UTK Student Chapter

Special librarians are information professionals dedicated to putting knowledge to work to attain the goals of their organizations. They are employed most frequently by corporations, private businesses, government agencies, museums, colleges, hospitals, associations, and information management consulting firms. The Special Libraries Association supports the professional development and interests of librarians in this area of information science. The student chapter at the University of Tennessee sponsors events, educates members of happenings within the profession and provides valuable opportunities for networking.

As a UTK-SIS student, you are welcome at all meetings and other SLA-UTK Student Chapter sponsored events without being an organization member. However, by joining the SLA-UTK Student Chapter, you will help to support the student chapter as it continues to promote professional development and social events.

Why Become a Student Member of SLA?

  • Strengthen special libraries and the profession.
  • Connect to a network of dedicated special library professionals.
  • Networking opportunities with information professionals and other information sciences students.

More information

How to Join

Whether you are an on-campus or distance education student, we encourage you to begin growing in the profession through SLA membership! Joining SLA-UTK does not require membership in national SLA, but membership in the national organization is encouraged.

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Society of American Archivists (SAA) UTK Student Chapter

The Society of American Archivists is an archival professional organization dedicated to serving the educational and informational needs of more than 5,500 individual and institutional members and to provide leadership to ensure the identification, preservation, and use of records of historical value.

Why Become an SAA Member?

  • Strengthen the archivist profession.
  • Connect to a network of dedicated archivist professionals.
  • Networking opportunities with archivist professionals and other information sciences students.

How to Join

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Student Travel & Conference Support

There are numerous travel support opportunities for students wishing to attend information sciences-related conferences – even if they are not presenting!

Scholarships, Assistantships, Fellowships, & Funding Resources

Scholarship and assistantships are awarded to qualified students on a competitive basis.


While not required for the degree, students have the option to complete a thesis as part of their program of study. A master’s thesis in Information Sciences is a major piece of original research, a formal written description of that research, which must pass oral defense.

Tuition & Fees

Follow the link below for the most recent updates to tuition and fees.

SIS Tuition & Fees