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SIS Course Syllabi

The following course descriptions may include links to examples of past syllabi used for the course. These may not be current syllabi for use in a given semester.


INSC 102 Introduction to Computers
INSC 201 Foundations of Information Sciences
INSC 210 Foundations of Information Technology
INSC 220 Information Search
INSC 260 Programming for Information Applications
INSC 295 Special Topics in Information Sciences
  • INSC295-syl.pdf
INSC 305 Internet and Society
INSC 311 User-Centered Design
INSC 380 Information Management for Organizations
INSC 384 Database Design
INSC 395 Special Topics in Information Sciences
INSC 430 Foundations of User Experience
INSC 435 Usability Testing and Methods
INSC 436 Analytics and Metrics for User Experience
INSC 439 Interfaces and Interaction Design
INSC 450 Writing About Science and Medicine
INSC 484 Database Applications
INSC 486 Data Analytics
INSC 489 Information Visualization
INSC 491 Global Study
INSC 493 Independent Project or Research
INSC 495 Special Topics
INSC 499 Professional Experience
INSC 500 Thesis
INSC 502 Registration and Use of Facilities
INSC 504 Research Methods in Information Sciences
INSC 505 ePortfolio
INSC 506 edTPA Seminar
INSC 511 Information Concepts and Foundations
INSC 512 Information Organization and Retrieval
INSC 514 Information Technology Foundations
INSC 516 Geospatial Technologies
INSC 521 Cataloging and Classification
INSC 522 Cataloging of Non-print Materials

This course no longer offered.

INSC 524 Metadata
INSC 525 Information Architecture
INSC 531 Introduction to Information Sources and Services
INSC 532 Sources and Services for Science and Engineering
INSC 533 Humanities and Social Sciences Sources, Services, and Scholarship
INSC 534 Government Information Sources
INSC 535 Advanced Information Retrieval
INSC 536 User Legal Research
INSC 538 User Instruction
INSC 541 Knowledge Management for Information Professionals
INSC 542 Social Informatics
INSC 543 Spatial Data Management
INSC 544 Business Intelligence for Information Professionals
INSC 545 Scientific and Technical Communications
INSC 546 Environmental Informatics
INSC 547 Health Sciences Information Centers
INSC 548 Federal Libraries and Information Centers

INSC 549 Museum Studies
INSC 550 Management of Information Organizations
INSC 551 School Libraries
INSC 552 Academic Libraries
INSC 553 Specialized Information Agencies and Services
INSC 554 Public Libraries
INSC 558 Planning and Assessment INSC558syl.pdf
INSC 559 Grant Development for Information Professionals
INSC 560 Development and Management of Collections
INSC 562 Digital Curation
INSC 563 Data Management
INSC 564 Archives and Records Management
INSC 565 Digital Libraries
INSC 567 Digital Humanities
INSC 571 Children’s Materials
INSC 572 Young Adult Materials
INSC 573 Programming for Children and Young Adults
INSC 574 Resources and Services for Adults
INSC 575 Nonfiction for Youth
INSC 576 Storytelling as a Communications and Learning Tool in Diverse Settings
INSC 577 Picture Books Across the Curriculum
INSC 580 Information Technologies This course no longer offered.
INSC 581 Information Network Applications
INSC 582 Information Systems Design and Implementation
INSC 583 Introduction to Youth Informatics
INSC 584 Database Management Systems
INSC 586 Usability Testing and Evaluation
INSC 587 Mining the Web

This course no longer offered.

INSC 588 Human-Computer Interaction
INSC 589 Web Design
INSC 590 Problems in Information Sciences
INSC 591 Independent Project or Research
INSC 592 Introduction to Data Analytics and Visualization
INSC 593 Seminar in Youth Informatics
INSC 594 Graduate Research Participation
INSC 595 Student Teaching in School Libraries
INSC 596 Field-Based Experience in School Libraries
INSC 599 Practicum
INSC 680 Information Science Theory