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Course Registration Tips for MSIS Students

Frequently asked questions for course registration for Information Sciences classes.

Advising and Planning

What is the student planning form and where can I find it?
The student planning form can be found on the MSIS Student Resources page in the “Academic Planning, Advising, & Other Resources” section. Please be contact with your advisor upon submission of your planning form prior to registration.

Are there previous course syllabi available so I can see what a course is like?
Yes, a link to a list of syllabi for when courses were last taught is available on the Course page at

Course Schedules

Where are course schedules posted?
Course schedules can be found in the Current Students section of the SIS website. See

What are the section numbers for?
Section numbers and course reference numbers (CRN) are used to designate sections for campus and distance education students. These numbers are used to verify that the correct course section matches a student’s location status in the university, and fees are charged accordingly during registration. For INSC courses, many classes are made up of two “combined” sections for both campus and distance education students taking the class together.


When can I register for classes?
Registration times for each students are determined by the Registrar’s Office. The number of completed credit hours and class level for all UT students are a couple of the factors used to determine what day and hour the system is available to you.

The section descriptor says “online” in MyUTK. Is this for distance education students?
In the registration system, you may see a section that is marked “Online”. This section may actually be designated for campus students, and DE students cannot register for it. The “Online” descriptor is used to notify students that there is no physical classroom.

How do I know I’m choosing the right section I need?
Use the section number and course reference number (CRN) listed on the spring schedule to ensure you are registering for the correct section (campus or DE).

What does “campus restriction” mean?
If you receive a “Campus Restriction” error message, this means you are attempting to register for a course section that does not match your campus or DE status, and you will need to add the correct one. See the information about section numbers above.

How can I register for a practicum or an independent study?
If you plan to register for thesis, independent project, graduate research participation, or practicum hours, you must complete the appropriate paperwork a section can be added to your schedule. See the MSIS Student Resources page for the forms required for these courses..


How do the waitlists work?
If the class section is full, a waitlist is available for each section. The department will monitor both sections of a “combined course” if space is available in one section while the other is full, seats may be shifted to the other section to allow students on the waitlist to add the class. If both sections are full, students will remain on the waitlist until space becomes available.

When will I know I can add a class if space becomes available?
Check your UTK email frequently! If you are on a waitlist for a class and a spot becomes available, you will only have a 24-hour window to add the class once the system sends the email notification. If no action is taken, the window will close, and the system will move to the next student on the waitlist. You will then have to add yourself back to the waitlist.

I’m on the waitlist for a class I need. Can I just email the instructor for special permission to be added to the class?
While you can email the instructor, it is not guaranteed you can be added to the class. The waitlist will be used to monitor if additional seats can be added but if that is not available, the instructors will use the waitlist system.