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Best Thesis Award Recipient Scott Shumate

Summarize your thesis’ (two sentences or less): 

My thesis is a participatory research study analyzing the impact of a computer system migration on the employees and processes of a non-profit organization. I assisted the organization with the migration, while collecting data for my thesis, so the partnership benefitted both parties.

Why/how did you pick your project topic and what did you learn by doing it? (two sentences or less):

The project was brought to me by my advisor, and the organization had approached the University for assistance with their migration. I became involved due to my computer science background, which meant that I had additional computing skills that were beneficial in both the software migration and the thesis project itself.

Talk about your experience researching and writing your thesis?

The experience of researching and writing the thesis was both invaluable and enlightening. At least right now, I intend to continue my career in academic librarianship, so conducting research and writing will continue to be among my responsibilities. I was able to learn how to conduct good research, and how to go about doing academic writing that truly contributes to the scholarly communication in my field. I was also provided the unique opportunity to assist a wonderful non-profit organization in their time of need, and I’m tremendously grateful to have been a part of it.

What was your response when you found out you were receiving this award?

I was surprised and honored. A thesis project requires so much time and effort, and to have the final work recognized was and still is extremely meaningful to me. I will carry both this project and this award as treasured memories and mementos for the rest of my life.