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Best Project Award Recipients

Hannah C. Gunderman; Whitaker, Erin Elizabeth; Hill, Katharine Leigh; Holt, Sarah R’Nell; Worthington, Nathan Adam; Green, Ronnie Rontai – Best Project Award

Summarize your paper/project’s goal (two sentences or less): 

We conducted a full user experience (UX) and usability analysis on the Belmont Forum e-Infrastructures and Data Management Toolkit ( Our goal was to understand how we could improve the website to better appeal to a range of users from a wide variety of backgrounds and geographic locations in using the website to find data management resources.

Why/how did you pick your project topic and what did you learn by doing it? (two sentences or less): 

When we first learned about the course project, I (Hannah) had been working to build the Belmont Forum data management toolkit as a part of my work with Suzie Allard and Wade Bishop as a staff research associate in SIS. I thought it would be a great opportunity to do UX testing on the website, and as a group, we learned so much about how to build an effective website that creates a great experience for users!

Talk about your experience working as a group and completing this group project/paper: 

Even though our team was geographically dispersed, we had a very easy time communicating with each other and collaborating on the project. We used Slack, Zoom, email, texting, and collaborative Google Docs to make the project work. Everyone put in their fair share, and we had a supportive environment where we could introduce new ideas and directions. We all had different strengths we brought to the table, and holistically, this helped us build a really effective course project.

What was your response when you found out you were receiving this award?

We were all so excited to hear that we received this award! The class was very challenging (although rewarding!) for all of us, and we put so much work into this final project. We’re thrilled that all the emails, Zoom calls, Google Docs, and late nights paid off! It was also extremely rewarding as our first assignment for the project did not go over very well, grade-wise. We took the constructive feedback and rebuilt the project scope into something more effective, and the rest is history! We’re very grateful to Dr. Bilal for the nomination for this award, and for helping support us in building this project.