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Best Paper Award Recipient Lisa Curtin

Lisa CurtinSummarize your paper’s goal (two sentences or less):

I sought to understand climate-change related threats to digital libraries and the infrastructure they rely on, and whether and how digital libraries are prepared to face those threats. Disaster recovery planning for digital libraries lags behind the same type of planning for physical libraries, despite the growing incidence of extreme weather events that can result in data and service loss.

Why/how did you pick your paper topic and what did you learn by doing it? (two sentences or less):

I’m obsessed with reading about climate change and always worried about it. With this project, my goal was to turn that worry and obsession into something more productive and learn more about the infrastructure that digital libraries (and the entire internet!) rely upon.

What was your response when you found out you were receiving this award?

I’m proud to be recognized for this paper, because it was no small effort for me to understand articles about telecommunications infrastructure, which isn’t exactly in my humanities-background wheelhouse. This was my first research proposal, meaning there was a measure of guesswork in how I wrote it and the analysis I proposed, so winning the best paper award for this work is really validating!