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Outstanding ePortfolio Award

The Outstanding ePortfolio Award

This award recognizes excellence in ePortfolio developed as a capstone achievement. This award will be conferred at the School’s Hooding and Awards Ceremony in May. The winner(s) must agree to make the winning ePortfolio(s) accessible to SIS community as examples for students and for internal and external program accreditation committees.

Eligibility and Nomination

To be eligible for consideration, the ePortfolio must have been successfully defended in the academic year (fall or spring) in which the award will be given, or in the past summer. The nomination must be endorsed by the student’s ePortfolio Chairperson and submitted by the ePortfolio Committee who evaluated the ePortfolio. The nomination should include the URL with access permission and a brief rationale for the nomination.

For students following the Capstone ePortfolio Guidelines, the ePortfolios of all students nominated by the individual student’s ePortfolio Committee and who want to participate in the Outstanding ePortfolio Award program as well as agree to the conditions identified in the “ePortfolio Permission Form” will be considered for this award. The Student Affairs Committee will make the final decision in consultation with the ePortfolio Chairperson  of each student (as needed).

Evaluation Criteria

The student must be in good academic standing. The ePortfolio will be evaluated based on:

  • Containing substantial evidence of capstone achievements;
  • Articulating the student’s mastery of knowledge in the field, broadly interpreted;
  • Demonstrating the student’s professional promise for the student’s career goal;
  • Representing high quality standards in terms of its content, design, and usability;
  • Reflecting excellence in its presentation and preparation quality, writing quality, organizational quality, quality of analysis and comment, originality of contribution, and use of appropriate literature/resources.

In addition, the advisor’s experience with the student in advising should also be a factor, taking into consideration the advisor’s evaluation of the student’s motivation, cooperation, time management, etc. as appropriate.