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Agriculture at Virginia Tech


Virginia Tech – Blackstone, VA

Type of practicum : 

Either In Person or Virtual

Description of Practicum Site: 

 Virginia Tech is a land-grant institution with a mission to provide information for the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world. To bolster the mission Newman Library, on the Blacksburg campus of VT, strives to share information and knowledge regardless of geographic, institutional, or financial barriers, through our growing open data and research repositories.

Overall, our goal is to foster innovation, discovery, creativity, and collaboration through our spaces, technology, services, and people.

Description of Practicum Duties:

To further the mission of the university, Virginia Tech Agriculture Research and Experiment Centers and Newman Library are collaborating to digitize items to then be added into VT’s online repository. Students will be working with aspects of organizing and creating robust metadata of various formats of materials including manuscripts, photos, reports, and physical data (e.g. soil samples). Creating robust metadata will be an integral aspect of this practicum.

Please describe the type of mentoring you will provide to the student.
Levels of mentorship vary to meet the preferences of the individual and of the circumstances of the practicum. The default will lean toward weekly meetings, in which the practicum project will be discussed, but the meeting will focus on the overall goals of the student.

Please describe the level of interaction the student will have with others in your organization.
Practicum students will primarily work with researchers and staff at the AREC locations.

Is this a reoccuring position (i.e., is this opportunity open multiple semesters)

In which semester(s) is this position available? Choose all that apply. 

Is this an opportunity for more than one student per semester?