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Carmen L. Moulton Memorial Endowment

Carmen L. Moulton Memorial Scholarship Criteria

Eligible students must fill out a federal application, the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (additional information). The Carmen L. Moulton Memorial Scholarship is open to all applicants regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age or veteran status with the restrictions below. Applications will be sent to students beginning each January and the deadline is February 15.

  1. The scholarship will be available to students who are currently enrolled or have been admitted to the University of Tennessee, School of Information Sciences.
  2. Selection shall be based upon financial need, not exceptional academic performance. The student(s) awarded this scholarship shall have demonstrated adequate academic performance.
  3. A student who held the Carmen L. Moulton Memorial Scholarship in a previous year shall have preference in the selection procedure in subsequent years with all other things being equal.
  4. The recipient of this scholarship shall be a resident of Tennessee or a graduate of a Tennessee high school with preference given to schools in East Tennessee.

About Carmen L. Moulton

Carmen L. Moulton

Carmen L. Moulton was born in 1915. She attended Knoxville High School and was an honors student but Carmen was unable to attend college. She married Andrew Rawls Moulton and had two daughters–Sylvia Anne Moulton Sproul and Jimmie Jane Moulton Ray–who, because of her urging and support, attended the University of Tennessee. They both earned undergraduate degrees and later Masters degrees from the School of Information Science.

“We didn’t know you could finish your education with high school, Mother said in such a matter-of-fact way that we were to attend college that we thought it was mandatory” Sylvia relates.

“Mom was an inspiration to us. She served as president of the Fair Garden PTA and was a Brownie and Girl Scout leader. Later she worked as assistant employment supervisor at the old Miller’s store downtown and was considered an early “computer” because of her excellent memory while employed at Highland Products and National School Products school supply stores,” said Jane. She loved helping schools get the most for their money and was known for her warm manner and knowledge of school supplies.

Sylvia Moulton traveled with professor and Department of Library Science director Dorothy Ryan to LIS schools around the Southeast to examine the curriculum and management so that the then Department of Library Services could gain ALA accreditation. Enlivened by this planning process Sylvia Moulton Sproul helped plan a new library in the Lenoir city public schools and has worked in libraries there for three decades.

Carmen Moulton was an excellent mother and grandmother with an interest in literature and libraries. She endowed her daughters with a lifelong interest in librarianship and literature. They served the profession proudly: Sylvia became a librarian in the Lenoir City Schools and Jane Ray served Knox County. Interestingly, Margaret Dickson, Children’s Librarian at Lawson McGhee Library, was Sylvia’s and Jane’s mentor and also a classmate of Carmen Moulton at Old Knox High.

An advocate of education and libraries, Carmen Moulton would be proud that funds given in her name would help young students to attain their dreams.

Follow the link if you would like to contribute to the Carmen Linkous Moulton Memorial Scholarship Fund.