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Academic Achievement Award Recipient Megg Doolin

Megg DoolinMegg Doolin, a recipient of the 2020 SIS Academic Achievement Award, first found her interest in libraries when she was a work study student at the Rhodes College library, her undergraduate alma mater.

Right after she graduated from there she became a library associate at a public library, then moved into a position wearing several hats as an IT/marketing/collections manager. After a couple of years there, she knew it was time for a change.

“I kind of felt like maybe public library life wasn’t for me, and I had a couple of friends who went through the UT program, and they’d been telling me for at least two years that I should apply and that it would open all sorts of door for me. I quit my job so I could go full-time and do it in four semesters,” she said.

Doolin packed a lot into those four semesters, and always tried to take at least one class each semester that centered around a topic about which she knew nothing. In that process, she’s discovered she enjoys cataloging, metadata, and digital humanities. But most of all, she has learned the value of information professionals.

“I became interested in the information field to begin with because I like to help other people, and I always say, the more information you have the better, knowledge and information is power,” she said.

She’s also found an interest in collections management and other aspects of the field, and said she is open to seeing how she can apply her acquired knowledge in different settings.

As for earning this award, Doolin said she saw a lot of her classmates excelling in their work, so she’s honored that she was chosen to receive it.

“I told myself when I quit my full-time job and all stability, that I was going to give it 100 percent, and I feel confident I did that,” she said.