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Cortez Sets New Practicum Site in Vieques Puerto Rico

Dr. Cortez and Bob Sabin in front of the Bolivia display at Fortin Conde de Mirasol

The last Spanish fort built in the Americas was on Isla de Vieques in Puerto Rico, The site is now a learning center, gallery and museum.  Professor and Director Ed Cortez recently established the location as a future practicum site for SIS students to learn hands-on while working with the cultural and historical materials of the indigenous people of the island.

Bob Rabin, curator and museum director and Dr. Cortez worked through the details to establish this unique and picturesque site as a place for SIS students to learn relevant skills and techniques they can apply to their future jobs. Rabin and Cortez are pictured above standing in front of the Venezuelan flag with the bust of Simon Bolivar just behind them. 

“We have an outstanding list of incredible practicum options for our students which allows them to polish their educational experience in a very personal way,” said Dr. Cortez.

The practicum brochure enumerates the seven great reasons for doing a practicum and the Vieques location exemplifies these reasons:

  1. Obtain work experience in a particular kind of environment
  2. Apply coursework knowledge to a professional setting
  3. Explore which kind of information setting is the best fit
  4. Learn how and why things are done in the real world from a professional mentor
  5. Expand network of professional contacts in field of choice
  6. Earn a positive recommendation letter to improve chances for a great job later
  7. Make a great impression in job interviews by discussing profes­sional activities & projects

The practicum program is coordinated by Dr. Kitty McClanahan.  Details about the program can be found at Questions can be sent to