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Dr. Steve Smith to Give Rothrock Lecture

Dr. Steve SmithDr. Steve Smith, Dean of UT Libraries and SIS Adjunct Faculty Member will give the Rothrock Lecture, “Old Friends and New Enemies (And Vice Versa): Challenges Research Librarianship for the 21st Century”.  The lecture and dinner will be Thursday May 10, 2012 with dinner beginning at 6 pm and the lecture will be at 7 pm.

Lecture abstract:

This lecture will examine new and old challenges and opportunities in research librarianship. These challenges and opportunities include funding models,changes to the undergraduate curriculum, the continuing growth of and changes to networked technology, the rise of cloud collections, new roles for physical library spaces, and many other topics. Some of these changes and opportunities are new but more often we can find precedents for them in the past, and those precedents might suggest models for dealing with them (or not). As the song goes, sometimes the new boss is not that different from the old boss; the key is not being fooled.

Location: Puleo’s Grille, Merchants/Cedar Lane

To attend, please do two things:

1)RSVP by May 7 to Alison Jones at
2) Choose an entrée and dessert and send page two with your check to Alison Jones by May 7.

ETLA members and guests: $25.00 for entree, non-alcoholic drink, and a dessert

UTK SIS students are welcome: $12.50 for entrée, non-alcoholic drink, and a dessert

Please send this section with 1) menu choices and 2) check by May 7 to: